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So for years my sniper team has collected our targets, wrote down all the pertinent info on them, three hole punched them and put them in a binder. Where they sit, for years... unloved and unused.

I am pushing for a transition to data books, like the Army uses, so they can actually be used in the field.

Does anyone know of a team that still actually collects their paper targets? Does anyone know of a well known unit/department that uses data books (like the Army lol)?  Need some ammo for my cause.

And to round it out... any recommendations on which data book? 

Suggestions, info and advice greatly appreciated.



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Up until retired----damn---A YEAR AGO TODAY!!!!!- we did in fact save and catalogue  our targets. We also used a data book.  This might have changed since then, but when I was still there, we used both.  That agency certainly wouldn't qualify for your "well known" status.  

We use both. Targets are saved in case they're ever needed for a court case (to prove the monthly qualifications). We utilize data books in the field. This is both for DOPE and for doing field sketches. 

Currently I am running a 3 ring binder for a data book. Its kind of a high-bred where I have taken some of what I liked from other data books and combined it all into one book .  Eventually I will find a produced book I like but for now this serves me well.

To the best of my knowledge most of the major units (NYSP/NYPD/ LAPD) are all using data books in the field. 

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I retired from our team as leader a little over a year ago, we used to save all of our no monthly cold bore targets, but decided it was redundant as we logged them in our books. After using several generic books with a lot of pages irrelevant to our use, I found impact data books. We modified their download front faced target for our cold bore shot, and simply ordered the pages that worked for us. Additionally, if you have a target you use a lot, they will print pages with it for you. We did. Another option for target archives is the cell phone pic archived in the storage device of your choice. I would recommend a dedicated camera or external storage and deleting them from a personal phone.  Some of our guys started doing that, and some actually save every target they shoot.  Hope this helps.

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We used to (some still do) use the US Tactical Supply green data book.  I hated that thing.  We only used it for cold bore's, round count and general references (moving target, etc.).   We used about 10-15% of the book before the pages we liked were used up.  We also kept our cold-bore and qual targets in 3-ring binders.  In my opinion, this all served little to no purpose in the field and is all more for CYA/court stuff rather than practical reference.

I think if you have an idea of what you want/need, Impact data books are the way to go as you can design your own.  Everybody wants something different. 

In the past year or so, I have been keeping more or less a detailed log or "journal" of my rifle and noted effects/results that I find relevant.  This includes my round count and cleaning schedule.  Quantifiable and pertinent data from the above is then transferred to a small, weather-proof note pad that includes ballistic tables, charts holds specific to my rifle that are simple and easily referenced.  This way I have the info I need where I need it and don't have a bunch of excessive BS that I don't have to leaf through.  The targets and admin stuff can stay at home...the actual "data" gets carried with me.

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