Hey all, just wondering if anybody has had any experience with the SO Tech bandoliers. What's their quality like, comfort, etc. I'm looking to get two to hold stripper clips of 5.56 so I'll probably get the 20rd mag version to better fit the clips.
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We make many versions of bandoliers from basic to deluxe - equating to quick grab to permanent carry. The basic bandoliers are built much stronger than mil spec as all our gear uses heavier web, thread and cloth than gov spec, but it is designed for simplicity - one piece flap, velcro only closure, one inch shoulder strap, etc while our more comfortable permanent carry bandoliers have individual pocket flaps, 2 inch web shoulder strap and snap and velcro closures (we designed these with LAPD SIS). Call us if you have any questions of custom needs.
877 768-3245
Thanks for the 'directions'. Looks like a good idea from you and the minds at SIS.
I already have a catalog request in with you. I will re-send today, just to make sure it went through.

re: the web. Lance that $#@& he should &%$@*& the site and &%@$# start again!!
(just kidding of course) Big Grin


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