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I'm running out of options, it seems.

All I want is to be able to buy some black EMS BDU style pants that don't have the flex/stretch waistband. I've been buying Dickies uniform pants for years. But the last time I went to buy some, I found out that they changed the style. Now the thighs are too tight on me. 

I can't find anything else. Help.

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Trajan Aurelius posted:

Tru-Spec, Rothco, 5.11, Propper and LA Police Gear all have black BDU's listed on their sites.

I just took delivery of an OD Green pair of LA Police Gear Core cargo pants. This model does stretch a bit and I’m pretty sure they have non-stretch versions. I got them because I’m getting old and like the stretch.  For the price @$26 with shipping, LAPG branded pants are hard to beat.   

I've had the LAPG pants and the Vertex branded pants.

Both are put together pretty well.

However... after about a 1/2 dozen washes the shrunk enough that not only could I no longer IWB  my G20... I could barely tolerate wearing them for a full day not carrying at all.

They shrunk a full 3+ inches on the waist and a good 2" on the crotch. Way no bueno. They still looked good, its just like they got run thru the xerox at a 10% or more reduction setting..

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