I'll start by saying my better folders I've had have been Cold Steel Recon 1's, American Lawman's, and a Benchmade assisted opening. 


I've been wanting a high end folder lately. Being a lifelong Georgia resident (though not much of a country fan), I decided on the Bad Monkey, owned by Zac Brown. The Bad Monkey has had my eye for some time. I couldn't find many reviews, so here's one. 


The standard Bad Monkey is a liner-lock folder, has a 14C28N blade, about four inches long, with a "conventional flat grind.  I'm not well educated on steel, so if anyone is knowledgable on it, please jump in. The standard model has carbon fiber grip panels and the blade features an Emerson Wave. They recently introduced the "custom" model Bad Monkey, which features G-10 grips and no Emerson Wave. Options include tanto or drop point blades, and finishes are "tumbled satin" and ceracoat or duracoat (forgive me, I don't recall specifically which). Partial serrations is also optional. 



I opted for the plain edge drop point blade (simply for cosmetic reasons), with the satin finish. 



The steel type is etched in the right side of the blade. The Southern Grind logo with state outline is on the left side. 



There is a thumb stud that is discreet but provides positive purchase. Even with the lack of the Emerson Wave, the nub where it would've been will still snag on a snug jean pocket and will open the blade. Not as good as a wave would, but acceptable. 


The liners are titanium. They seem rigid and strong. 





The lock on the liners is also titanium. It has a positive lock and even when the blade is opened aggressively, disengages with ease. The blade seems to fit securely between the liners with no perceivable side-to-side play. 


The black G-10 grips I selected are well fitted and seamlessly blend into the titanium liners. The texture if he G-10 is tacky enough for a very positive grip without being so aggressive that it'll tear up your pants pocket or your hands. As you can see in an above photo, the pocket clip doesn't touch the grip on the unfastened end. It still attaches well when there is a strong seem to clip it on. 


The edge will shave hair, but isn't as sharp out of the box as my Cold Steel's were. I have yet to have any serious cutting tests. I will update when the opportunity arises. 


My only concern is the special hardware that the knife is fastened together with. I don't even know what they're called, but I ordered the toolkit to go with it (which I may not neEd for a while, as nothing has shown signs of loosening yet). Note the custom engraved bolt that secures the blade. 




All in all, I'm very impressed by the craftsman ship showed by this Georgia company, and if I'm not mistaken, they donate proceeds to a children's camp. I look forward to purchasing a fixed blade next. 



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Those are nice looking knives and I really like the name! 


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