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I Have an old school Military Bushnell Spacemaster spotting scope and small tripod. Works great prone, but cant do standing. 

I also have a Gitzo Tripod with a HOG saddle I was hoping to use for my spotting scope as well. 

The thread pitch of the bushnell doesnt play well with my gitzo and accessories, is there an adapter out there? My google-fu might suck, but searches didnt find anything. 

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This is a "Mount Saver" from Creedmoor.  It may converts your American 1/4 x 20 thread to Metric, or save your built-in mount from stripping:

Image result for ewing spotting scope stand

For highpower and long-range shooting and coaching I use a long out-of-production Ewing stand. 

Image result for ewing spotting scope stand

The closest modern equivalent is made by Doug Giraud in Texas. 

These are dedicated spotting scope stands -- you can't shoot from them.

You get three rod sections -- using just one (as pictured) is good for prone:

Usually two for sitting/kneeling, and three for standing.

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