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I'm new here, just registered on a little while ago. Lighterfighter talked me into joining this outfit, and so the name's "Ranger Rick."

Any of you guys interested in SERE kits? If you are, how about loggin onto my website "The Ranger Digest.Com" at www.therangerdigest.com" and then clicking on my "Special Ops Survival Necklace" banner. I'm sure you'll find it interesting.

Be looking forward to some of your comments about it, thanks for your time, take care & God bless.

Ranger Rick
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It strikes me as high value both per unit of currency and per unit of weight. Nice kit. But, I am not inclined to wear necklaces, and one would think that this method of carry would be a bit noisy. I think I would take you up on the aternative packaging options you discus on your page. I am thinking a wallet like arrangement to go in a BDU/RR 5.11 thigh pocket would be a good answer.

In regards to my Special Ops Survival Necklace being noisey.... Naw, if you look closely at those photos on my website (www.therangerdigest.com), you'll see that every piece of item has a "rubber" silencer/shock absorber wrapped/attached to them.

Noisey? Nope, I thought of that when I was first designing it. And if you think that rubber is some "cheapo" material and it'll melt, crumble, dissolve and come off if it comes in contact with salt water, body sweat, oil. etc. Nope again, it's made of Thermoid Rubber and won't do any of that neither.

I put a lot of work into it and did a lot of tests on it too, and I'm pretty certain I've come up with the best, lightweight, compact, "minimal essential" survival kit. And if I would have turned it over to some big shot company and allowed them to market it for me, I guarantee ya it would retail for a hellova lot more.
Looks interesting. I'm a tad slow, so bear with me. Do all the items shown with (sold seperately) next to them come included with the whole package? Wasn't sure if that was there to show that the sum of the total amount of individual items would be more that the package deal.

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You can either buy it as a complete kit (without the SOS Mini-light) or you can buy each item separately. It's up to you, some people (mostly civilian outdoor enthusiasts)want to put together their own survival kit, and so they don't want the entire kit just some of the items.

Right now I'm working on another type of survival necklace, but I haven't yet decided if I'll market it as another kit or just post on my site how to modify/improve the current kit. Probably the latter. I've already submitted samples of my SOS Necklace to the Department of the Army, Marines, Air Force, and Navy hoping to get it in the military supply supply system.
I'm getting ready to hit the sack because it's past 0100hrs here in Italy. And as I mentioned to Lightfighter when he talked me into joining his forum... I'll try my best to contribute to this forum when I can.

But before I go I want to correct myself in what I replied back to Bullet308...

The only item that does not come with a rubber silencer/shock absorber is the glow-in-the-dark whistle. Still, it doesn't really make any noise against the other items because they're all rubber covered. And it's a special whistle that doesn't come with a little ball inside of it neither. I choose this type of whistle so in the event you needed to use it, the "little ball" (from your salava) wouldn't freeze up.

Ok guys, gotta go hit the sack now. I'll try to log on every so often, take care for now

Thanks for addressing my question. It would indeed seem that you have thought of that issue and taken steps to manage the problem, which is cool. Also, allow me to clarify, in case there was a misunderstanding...When I described the kit as "high value per unit..." and all that, I meant, I think you are providing your customers with a REAL GOOD value for the dollar and that it is a LOT of survival kit for what it weighs, bulks and costs. I will probably get one and all the books as soon as I free up a few $$s. :-)


RangerRick - on the website you mentioned that the necklace is designed to break if it should get tangled up on something rather than hangin' ya.

And the flexible saw is not a risk to cutting the heck outta one's neck in that event?

I like you're site a lot.

Not "hokey"
Looks useful.

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Very interesting. At first glance it looks like just another gadget that only the wannabe's would actually buy. But once I found out what was contained in it, I'm thinking fo buying one for Serach and Rescue use.

Personally, I'd take the whistle out of the kit if I were to use one for tactical operations.

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