I still need to figure out how to mount a Princeton breaching light along with the Steiner to make it a optimized GPF breaching gun...with a beat shield installed there’s not enough room to mount it on the magazine tube. 

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Desert01 posted:

Mossberg 500 light received.

i decided to pull the Surefire forend off my Mod 0 prototype and install the Steiner. 

Unscrew the bolt from the barrel and thread in the replacement. Install battery, and screw it onto the barrel retaining bolt, and its installed. The prototype barrel has the same outside dimensions of the later breaching barrels so there were some high spots on the install.

Form factor wise, first impression is this would be my choice for a light for Army 5+1 M500’s. It won’t work on the Navy and USMC 500 with 590 cleanout tube mags. Will follow this thread for durability comments.

The 870 and 590 threads are a little off from each other if I recall correctly. Can someone confirm or deny so I can provision my Mod 3 and 4’s?


Do you have a picture by chance of how this sets up with the Army configuration.  

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I wanted to update this with an attaboy for Steiner customer service.

I ordered two of these lights on October 10th.  About a week ago, October 19th, I began wondering where they were.  I called Steiner and they told me according to their records they were delivered to my front door on October 17th.  They resent me the Fed-Ex tracking number so I could see for myself.

Elise in customer service was very helpful to me, she started a claim with Fed-Ex from her end, I had already started one from my end. 

Fed-Ex told me to wait until 10/24 to see if the package was delivered before and let them know if it showed up.  (they were processing my claim in the mean time.

Today, October 24th, I received this email from Elise:

Good Afternoon Dan,

I was able to speak with my management team and got approval to ship out replacements. Your order will ship out this week and a signature will be required for this shipment. Please let me know if I can help with anything further.


Thank you,

Elise St. Peter
Steiner Order Entry/Support

I'm very happy with this level of customer service, thought it was appropriate to let you all know.

Dang, I was worried after I saw the disclaimer reference 500’s / 590’s on their website. 

I’ll see what else I can scrounge up this weekend...

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