Steyr ssg 69 , possible issue?

I recently bought a Styer SSG 69 off GB advertised as NIB NOS.  Today I was attempting to sight it in and twice had the same malfunction. First round out of mag CLICK, the first instance I re cocked the rifle and it fired. The second time I saved the round. It has a super tiny firing pin mark.  Ammo is ZQI 147 gr ball. I measured the primer depth and it is not deeper than a handful of other factory shells I have on hand.  I fired probably 20 rounds in all, no other issues.  Any insight ?  Call Steyr ?



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And they'll tell you it's an ammo issue, which it most likely is.

MKE headstamp ZQI is made in Turkey. Known to have very hard primers.

Buy some white box Winchester (or any non-M80 Ball equivalent) and I bet you won't have the issue. That gun deserves some match grade ammo.

Enjoy that fine gun. Had one in the 80's with double set triggers. Can't keep them all.

Since they have not made SSG69 for n years...a NIB might have had lube gum up around the firing pin?  Hence first round failure but rest OK.

I need to pull my finger & find a replacement stock for mine: it got lost for 14 years (long story) but recently resurfaced: stock had separated at the rear screw.

Thank you for help guys!

Mine is a single trigger, black stock, 20" unthreaded barrel. Made in 1999 according to the date codes.

I took the bolt apart , no gunk or glaring issues.

I wasnt even on 24x36 paper so I was using the cheap stuff. I will try some other ammo. 

I bought a couple boxes of the Federal GMM in 168gr and 175gr  so we shall see what it does with that.

I also think I may not have closed the bolt all the way.  I will have to test that theory. 

Linz, steyr lists the stocks on their website. It could possobly be only the mag well not the entire stock without seeing a picture.

I am going to try and mod a Magpul 700 stock for mine so I can have a durable stock and good mags.


The Extractor posted:

Linz, steyr lists the stocks on their website. It could possobly be only the mag well not the entire stock without seeing a picture.



Yes they do...I'm just cheap & want a replacement green (not in stock last I looked).

It looks as if the last user over torqued the rear screw & over the years the stock split- separating on the right side & twisting to the left.  First thought on recovery was 'WTF...he put a folding stock on it?'

Good luck with yours (tip...never drop a loaded magazine): mine ate Aussie 144gn F4 Ball & delivered to 600m with it.

Folding stock lol. 

Im pretty sure it was only operator error. I tried to replicate the issue and it drop the striker even if the bolt is not all the closed.  The striker will wiggle the bolt and make an "off" sound.

I fired 20 ish more rounds today with no issues and being conscious to fully close the bolt.

Rifle is great but  I still cant shoot worth a darn.

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