I am looking for a stiff/very stiff 1.75” inner belt, black with loop.

Can anyone recommend a confirmed stiff 1.75” inner belt?   

I did purchase an Esstac 1.75” inner belt and it was flimsy as hell. I can’t even bring myself to sell it and will just give it away.

This will be for running a Ronin Senshi belt for K9 callouts with the swatologists aka thick necks.

I love their 2” inner belt and use one beneath my Ares Gear LE Duty belt for uniform work.

I did order a second Ronin inner belt and it does not fit my Crye Field Pants loops. Yes, they were direct purchase from Crye.

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These belts are excellent.  Varied stiffness, including one with a polymer insert.


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XTCBX posted:

Volund. I’ve been using their G-hook inner for a few years now, it’s great. Double layer 1.75” with loop all around and one wrap closure. Perfect for under a duty or competition type belt. 


Thank you. I had Jones, HSGI, Blue Alpha Gear, Lead Devil and that was all I could think of. 

+1 The Volund. Couple that with their micro battle belt and its a pretty awesome set up.

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Another vote for the Volund.  I think mine is 1.5", but the design is fantastic.
Note: I also bought a pair of the Emdom belts, and I kinda like them.  I've never felt the need for a rigid inner belt; I always liked a little softer inner belt mated with a super rigid outer belt.  I think I like the Volund because although it is a thicker belt, it is still fairly soft.

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Another vote for The Wilderness instructor belts, either their five stitch or CSM version. They've done belts with velcro on the outside by special order. For years, I've been using the Freq Flyer for off-duty. 

I've been using a Volund Gearworks 1.5" version, and while it is viable, I'm not thrilled with its buckle/closure. 

I wasn’t so sure about it at first either but I now love the G-Hook closure on the Volund stuff. I’ve been using them on and off duty for the past 3 years with no issues. Nothing lays flatter or gets the perfect adjustment for IWB w / wo  iwb magazine or nothing at all than the G-Hook closure that I’ve come across. 

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i have been using   Galco for over 20 yrs. i believe them to be the stiffest  1's i have  ever seen. i am only familar with Wilderness and Galco. . Wilderness i can order in inches  to get what i want.. wilderness is fine for a  shield   under a shirt in the 5  stich or  little less model. buut, for real work i use the Galco.    My work gun is a s&w full size with a s/fire & 2 mags.    Galco   is cut short.

i keep a Galco and a pr of 511's  in the car, for any bad things. i am usually wearing a   Columbia shirt/spot shirt/ jeans. (hence-the shield). i am always looking for a better mouse trap. am going to try volund (?)   your milage may very.



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