Putting this here instead of clothing, as I'm hoping to use them for duty purposes. I really love RayBan wayfarers, they fit well, look good on me, and overall are my favourite glasses. However, I would prefer a safety (ansi) or even better a milspec rated version.

Ive seen the Oakley Holbrook and Savage Optics S.O.81's, but neither seem to have any safety rating.

Anyone know of such a beast? a Tactical Wayfarer?

I do have Mframes and such for dedicated range use, but want a set of more fashionable but safe glasses for daily patrol wear.


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Smith optics has options 


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Maybe check with your local optometrist and see if they can cut you a set of ballistic rated lenses? I kinda want to go check with mine now and see if they can do a set for me...

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