So here is my take. Nomex multicam fabric, under that fire rated material, Nomex thread, and the industrial pipe wrap insulation is rated at 1000 degrees radiant heat.  This is for 1.5" OD cans, you can get the pipe wrap bigger. 

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I'm going to jump in on this. But I would much rather send you something to compensate you for your time and the item.

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This showed up’s pretty awesome for me giving no dimensions and making Seabeebob basically guess how big to make it. I’ll try to get it out to the range and see how it holds up as soon as I can. I think it would be perfect for LE operational (as opposed to range use where you’re going to be doing a lot of shooting over a full day and really heat up your can) and just need something to take the edge off the heat for an engagement and need to transition to doing stuff with your hands and let your rifle hang.

The design is really good, goes on easy and looks like it’d be easy to scale up or down for different sized cans. Really interested to see how many rounds it takes to heat up the pipe wrap to a point of burning the shit out of me.


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Yeah, I'm with XTCBX. I received mine last week and played with it a bit least weekend. Even after a few mags, I was able to touch the (covered) suppressor, which I wouldn't have been able to do before.  One thing my buddy and I found was that the one with kevlar against the suppressor seemed to slide around a bit.  My FF buddy suggested something tackier against the can (think one of his nomex flash hoods) might mitigate that a bit.

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