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I have been investigating these things. The vast majority of the reviews are positive.  Apparently since they are seemingly the new kids on the block, most people are waiting until someone else pulls the trigger on one.   They are chinese made, so there is that, but in regards to quality, they are getting a lot of good press.

So far, based on what I have read, short of a .mil application and probably short of a LE application (at this point in time) they would suffice for a relatively nice civilian usage.

Keep in mind I have been paying attention to their small dot systems, and their 1-8 (or maybe 10x?) LPVO stuff, NOT their bigger "full-sized" stuff.

 The mid to low price range is awash with all types of red dots. Tough to choose and sometimes I think a few brands are made at the same factory in China with different finishes and accessories but essentially the same ones with different manufacturers  names and boxes , just a hunch on my part though! Yeah, obvious clues abound too that the previously mentioned items are true, lol!  I bought there “Kingslayer” model in  Nov’19 ( really?) just to put on a Brownells 10/22 and love it, no issues. The LGS had sold a few so I was there the price was right so WTF and went for it. Did absolutely zero research on it,  not proud of that asI got bit before on other things I’ve done that with. It seems the same as others of the same style/type I’ve  purchased with a fair amount of research on those,  so no surprises there. Unless I drop the rifle on the optic or the battery corrodes, I doubt that there will be any major issues.  Surprisingly, I’ve had no issues with others in that price range also. That being said the “Big 4”( Aimpoint, Trijicon , Leupold and EOTech) are on the “go to” ARs, handguns,  etc. I will use a mid to low price point red dot optic on some guns until either I can save for a “Big  4” one or that platform becomes its “ home”. While I’d love to put an RMR or MRO on that 10/22 finances dictate no. 

I should've specified that although I'm interested in any and all info, I was mostly looking at the 1-4, 1-6, 1-8 stuff. I'm in the market for two LVPO's, one for a fixed stock 5.56 AR and the other for my .30-30 lever deer rifle that I've resisted putting a scope on long enough...  thanks for the info, Men!


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Welp, I ordered an Arrowhead 1-10x LPVO with their Guerrilla Dot MIL long red reticle, and some Nightforce rings for it. They shipped pretty fast, it wasn't one of the ones listed on their site that is coming in "batches" in the coming weeks. 

I read some more reviews and watched some more videos and said fuck it, my Scorpion Micro money had been burning a hole in my pocket anyway. The .mil veteran discount is downright stupid,  making this a not-very-risky proposition. I'll post more info when it and the rings show up, it's en route now. 

My buddy took a chance on a 1-6x Swampfox model and was very happy with it - so much so that he is currently upgrading to a  Swampfox 1-10x.

From my limited time behind one, the glass was good, the reticle was pretty standard, and the illumination was bright enough - on par with the cheaper Vortex optics.  It survived well on a 7.62 gun and held it's zero.  It's not going to beat any high dollar optics, but it definitely would do for a basic set up.

I purchased my Arrowhead 1x10x24 with BDC-Green reticle in May and mounted it in a LT204 C.A.N mount. For the time being I put it on my Barrett M-468,but I'm planning on using it on my LMT 16' piston rifle. I decided to see how it compared to my 16 year old NF 2.5x10x24 NXS mounted in a LT-104 on my SCAR17 SBR .  I compared both scopes at 2.5x , 6x , and 10x for brightness and edge to edge clarity as well as for usable  illuminated reticle  daylight brightnest. To say the the least I was impressed with the Arrowhead as it was every bit as clear and bright on all settings as my Nightforce and the reticle was daylight bright on setting 6 and above,while my NF was only daylight bright on setting 12 ! To be fair I had installed a new 2032 in the NF before the testing so both scopes would have fresh batteries.I wasn't able to do any shooting due to rain moving in,but I look forward to testing the tracking and BDC reticle accuracy as well as the return to zero in the near future. I'm not sure what advances in optic glass and  lens coatings have occurred in the 16 years since I purchased my NF new for $800. I'm really happy that my new Arrowhead is able to stand toe to toe so far with the NF and I have only invested $412 in the Arrowhead. Only time will tell if it holds up as well as the NF,but so far count me as very happy I took the chance on the SwampFox ! Here are a few pictures through the scope. 

On 10x 


On 6x 


On 1x 

Timely bump. As I said before, I ended up purchasing an Arrowhead 1-10x from Swampfox, using their veteran discount which took a LARGE chunk off. Put it in Nightforce medium height (1" tall) rings on my 12.5" BCM upper'd, fixed stock SBR in 5.56.

Shot it today ... Not sure how I feel. There's a chance this barrel (at 10 years old, with numerous classes and years of SWAT training and other shooting under it's belt) is just tired. There's a chance I suck, or there's a chance the scope has an issue. I didn't shoot well enough to be happy, despite trying two types of name brand good quality ammo. 

I like the quality feel of the Arrowhead, and it seems to have the features one would want. I really dislike the eye relief on 10x, I'm having to tilt my chin down and really scrunch my cheekbone into the stock to be able to see. If it's on 10x when I shoulder it, 50/50 I'll be able to see through it. I need to dial it back to 1x and "follow" it to 10x without removing my cheek weld or I'll lose it. 

I'm going to do some experimenting soon, starting with mounting it on a known-accurate rifle. Then I'll try a different mount, and slowly work my way through the variables to see if I'm the problem or not. Usually I'm not ... I was only shooting at 100 yards but it wasn't great. I'll report back.






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It seems that companies like this turn up all the time.  OEM out of China to a US company Specs.  The devil is in how well and how tightly the specs are made to reduce inevitable QC issues from Chinese OEM's.  Seems like a new company pops up like this every year, creates a buzz for a little bit and then fades into obscurity. 

Not surprised at all to hear LC's issues on 10x power.  At current, that nut isn't even fully cracked by the industry yet (sorry...the Gen 3 Razor has room for improvement) and it will take some time to trickle down to sub-contracted optics.  1-6x would probably be the max I'd go with them and expect consistency.

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