So for a few years the guys have been bugging to change our uniform.  Recently our medics changed to ranger green. 

Currentley we wear truspec urban digital uniforms and our marksmen unit wear woodland digital (yeah why two different I don’t know)  which have served their purpose but we would like to upgrade. 

Polling the team I obviously got everyone asking for crye combat pants. But budget may or may not allow for that.  

I have talked to my chief and got approval to change and I am now tasked with getting quotes for different brands. 

It looks like we are going with a ranger green color but I am open to suggestions and the reasons why so I can articulate it to my boss

i am though looking for what brands and what items from each brand. ie. combat shirt. Rapid assault shirt. 

I am looking for a combat style shirt and pants. One request by all on the team is zipper fly! 

Let me know please which are the best to look at and what your experience has been. 


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The Crye Field pants have the zippered fly. And are awesome. Toss on some Arc’teryx knee caps (also awesome) and you’re nearly there compared with the combat version. 

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Propper works.

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Probably not much help, but distance yourself from TruSpec if you can.  Not sure how yours are working out, but ours either fade to oblivion or the crotch blows out in about 12 months of use. 

Ranger Green for solids, Multicam for pattern if you can swing it.  Urban/Wolf gray if you MUST go "non-military" colors.   All of the above are offered from a variety of vendors from cheap, to middle of the road, to high-dollar.  Issue out a standard set, and high-end dudes can still shell out for the good stuff if they please. 

Yeah that was my idea. Go ranger green. Issue 5.11 rapid assault shirt and tdu pants And allow guys to buy crye if they want. 



" I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it."

my services team just went to Ranger Green, using Arcteryx assault uniforms. the other metro team a few hours south of us uses Arcteryx uniforms in Wolf Grey.

-Increases operator safety with reduced visual signature for our AO.

-Makes finding injuries easer than with a darker uniform (previously dark blue)

-Interoperability with other teams near by (RCMP nation wide went to RG uniforms, mostly)

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For some god forsaken reason we just switched from some kind of green to heavy as hell FR Black uniforms. Almost all our SWAT callouts are in the summer, so that will be fun in the 80% humidity 105 degree heat that is August in Kansas.

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Color:  Ranger Green, TDU Green most of the time. Multicam for certain rural only events.

Generally, 5.11Tactical or First Tactical with the odd Crye private purchase. 

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All our local LE departments are switching to Ranger Green from Multicam, as the RCMP have done the same.

I believe it is because a couple of Members of Parliament felt that they looked too military when they responded to the shooting in Parliament.

The local guys were wearing 5.11 in Multicam. I believe they are using the same brand still.



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I like Tru Spec better than 5.11, but neither are anything to brag about. 

You are on the right track with Crye- it is quality, and has a lot of thought that goes into the design. It is also USA made- TruSpec and 5.11 are not. I started with Coyote back in the day, made the switch to Multicam, and have now switched to Ranger green over the last couple years.

Except for very rural units with high tempo ops like Border Patrol in certain areas, Multicam probably is not a benefit.

I find the RG works well across lighting spectrums and also with NVG. 

We wear multicam. I love it but wouldn't blink if we switched to RG. We're issued propper or truspec but can buy different if we want. I have a vertx combat shirt I really like.


Crye is nice but that's a want not a need. As much as I would like to be issued a set, public sector employees don't need a pair of pants that cost $200+.

CocoaCop posted: 

Crye is nice but that's a want not a need. As much as I would like to be issued a set, public sector employees don't need a pair of pants that cost $200+

While I agree with the price statement, around here, the team budget buys your first uniform and you buy any additional ones. When I got on, Tru Spec was issued. Mine didn't survive my first call out. After several replacements, I ponied up for the Crye. the set I have now is five years old and still serviceable. However, the Vertx uniforms the Noobs get now looks pretty sharp and very functional.

OD Green

Tru Spec issued

another other brand (s) are OK as long as it is green

I bought Crye and it was worth it.

Mrs DC said you buy em you better wear em.

I do every training day,  range instructor day and call out.

For me they were worth it.

Found a top on LF elbow pads too.

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Crye Uniforms for meat eaters are kinda like Snap-On, Matco and Mac tools for mechanics. You buy them because you are going to be using them on a daily basis and the cheap stuff just does not cut it for the professional user. DIY grade is fine for weekend warriors.

My wife winces when I buy Crye tops and bottoms, but the difference in fit, durability, comfort, and thoughtful design makes me forget the price differential when I am wearing it.

I am always conscious of wearing clothes when I am wearing 5dot11 or Truspec. Crye's fit, and are so well articulated that I never consciously think about my pants or shirt. I also never think about my knees or elbows when wearing Crye with integrated joint protection.

In the old days I was always messing with a seperate knee pad, and avoided separate elbow pads all together.

My (personally owned) callout stuff is all Crye in RG.

You could look into UF pro pants and shirts. I have no personal experience with them, but their clothing seems promising. I was issued ranger green Tru Spec Xtreme combat shirt and pants they fit well. Prior to that were Tru spec T.R.U combat shirt and pants in multicam. The color in the T.R.U series quickly faded 

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Several deputies here are using Vertx clothing across several models and really like it.  It seems to hold up to patrol use, and is pretty color fast from what I have seen.

I am all in on Crye and Dead Bird Stuff, but I will consider Vertx at some point.

We are issued 5.11 in green, but several of us have personally purchased the Crye stuff and It. Is. Worth. It. Seriously, buy once, Crye once!

However, agencies usually wont spring for it. One alternative I have found is the stuff from London Bridge Tactical.

I have two sets of their uniforms and they are a really close approximation of the Crye Field stuff. You can get a set of pants, shirt, and pads for less than $200. Same great pocket placement as the Crye stuff, and the proper Ranger Green instead of the weird bright green 5.11 stuff. If you can at all get Crye's, get them. But the LBX stuff is a great economy choice.

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