One of the benefits of social media, regardless of the platform or who hosts it, is the beneficial connections that can come from using it correctly. Over the years I’ve been doing this stuff one of the connections I’ve been fortunate to make has been with DocGKR. He’s willingly answered every question I think I’ve ever posed on wound ballistics and body armor, as well as giving me updates on both legal and operational issues from numerous places.

Earlier this week, DocGKR – on his own time and gas money – came up and gave a four hour presentation on wound ballistics and body armor as well as addressing or debunking mythology that negatively impacts operational, policy, and training issues. Use of force instructors and crime scene folks from a couple agencies benefitted from Doc’s efforts.

Just wanted to thank DocGKR for all of his work on these issues – not only for those doing police work but also, and as importantly, for the decent, normal humans who benefit.

It was quite well received and very much appreciated, thank you Gary!

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Kudos, Doc. Thanks for your contributions. 


"One of the nice things about being around other soldiers is they will suffer your bullshit gladly, knowing sooner or later you will shut up and listen to theirs." - Jim Morris, War Story


"The military was strange like that. In the middle of the night you run into a major problem that requires you to put your faith in someone you never met before and probably would never see again. But that person knocks himself out to do his job and helps you get on with yours." - Harold W. Coyle, Team Yankee

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