Face it, a lot of our time now is spent traveling to conferences, training and inspections.  A 3DAP isn't needed for uniforms, suits or just clothing.  A B4 bag works quite well.

Unfortunately, most B4 bags are "well-used" pieces of worn out vinyl or canvas.

The Military Luggage Company ( militaryluggage >> DOT >> com ) sells a new edition of the B4 travel bag that seems to meet that specific requirement.

Coyote B4 Military Garment Bag

600D Cordura nylon, locking zippers, four generous pockets for your choice of toiletries, boots or socks and a central compartment that can comfortably fit two suits or two military field uniforms. 

Comes in green, coyote or the ubiquitous black, and I even saw one in tiger stripe.  Velcro has replaced some of the snaps.    ~$70 to $90 depending on source and shipping.  I ordered mine through the big river place.  This is a bag I would not mind getting thrown around.

It lays down well in the trunk, hangs from that little hook in the back seat or gets stuffed between other bags on long trips.  I washed mine in the washing machine and air dried it.  No damage.  It seems robust.  I'll find out on my summer road trips.

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It is kinda crazy...I literally posted a question about the B4 bag on a Facebook pack group last night.

As a new officer, my Supply Officer at my first unit told me that I rated a foot locker, a field wristwatch, and a “ValPak” valise pack (i.e. B4 bag).

Why are you in my head Trajan?

Ha that brings back memories.  I showed at at OCS with my old man's AF B-4.  Our Sgt Instr was like WTF when we did our initial junk on the bunk inspection for contraband.  But the larger issue was the psyche 101 textbook I'd brought, to work on a correspondence course, to catch up on my credits that summer.  You can imagine the reaction.

I may have to get me one of them.  The B-4 not the textbook.      

There have been variants of these in the PX/BX and MCSS systems for years.

As with anything quality varies. 

I have one that I consider a "throwaway" that is mostly vinyl with a little cordura edge tape that I think cost about $15 bucks in 1990.

I have another very nice one that is 500d cordura with a bit of leather mixed in and actually has an aluminum frame of sorts inside it. 

It will hold - on hangers- 1 set of dress blues, 1 set of dress greens, a civilian suit and one set of "business casual" along with all the associated shoes and accessories. I think this one cost me $175 when I bought my first set of Dress Blues in 1987.

Both have compression straps and interior straps.

They were very common around Benning, Bragg and Drum for years.

I wouldn’t be surprised if my dad still has his from is USAF days (1960-1963) down in the basement. I used it some back in the 80s, I recall the design was pretty functional. 

Had two while on USAF active duty.  Just gave the second one to Goodwill about 4 months ago. Solid piec of gear. 

Only story I have was a TDY prior to Team Spirit 81 or 82.  Traveling commercial, RON at Narita, wearing cities, but 3 of us had B-4 bags bags were checked, but all passengers had to claim them on the ramp before loading (no bag unclaimed). Japanese police at Narita had no sense of humor.  

There we 30-40 passengers and everyone with a regular suit case had already been unlocked and checked (they had keys for all standard suitcases). Standing at the end of the line were 3 B-4 bags.  We had done the super secure tie the zipper pull canvas tabs together to keep them closed.  For what ever reason, they didn't untie them and had us do it.   Go figure. 

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