So we all drool over Stephen awesome paint jobs and cool rifles and sweet nylon. So this is the thread to blame hime for our failed paint jobs, drained bank accounts, and addiction to Multicam. Or maybe it's just me!

We had some nice weather today and I got the balls to paint my rifle. Always wanted to do it. So I took the plunge.

Used Krylon Flat Camo Tan as the base
Then went in with Testors Olive Drab, SAC bomber tan, medium earth, and some krylon dark drown for shadows.

I went light on all coats. I really didn't want the rifle coated head to toe and every nook and cranny. I wanted a misting effect. I also used a few twigs and shit to help breack it up. At the end I went in with the SAC bomber tan and did a few splatters to give it some detail. I am pleased.

Thanks Stephen!

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Thanks guys. The reddish clay color is medium eath. The yellowish tan is the SAC bomber. I like it! I was really nervous about screwing it up, but if you take your time and layer the colors it comes out well.
Good idea PT to put the all of the painted carbines here for us first timers. I would add ASSBAGS to Stephen as well as AB...uh...gently...uh..."encouraged" me.

Someone wanted to see pics of my first attempt in the outdoor light, so here it is. I just hit it again this afternoon with a lighter tan so I'll post again here when it dries.

conndcj, your sig line has been making me wonder when I am going to see someone holding up a Pork 38:12 sign at some televised sporting event...?!?

Even better, what if we start seeing graffiti tags of Pork 38:12 in videos/news reports from our overseas conflicts...?!?

But I guess that wouldn't be very 'PC' of us 'Ugly Americans', now would it?

Originally posted by flashbang45:
Conncdj, you should contact DJMonkeyboy over in the MWR tent about putting together a "Pork 38:12" morale patch!

And I'll bite, what does 38:12 refer to?

It was actually the score of a high school football game in the paper one day. I don't know why it came into my head. Best guess would be the ruinous effects of ethanol metabolization over the course of the past 30 years, cigar smoke and platlet deposits of pork fat in my coronary artery.

I have new pics of the repainted carbine to post later.
by no means I want to hijack this thread BUT i also BLAME Stephen for this sudden rush of inspiration to paint my AR...

Here's the prep for this beauty:

Started out with a new CMMG lower that I painted with Brownell's Alumahide in Cayote

Then I started to paint the stock and the grip using Brownell's Alumahide in Desert Earth (lower reciever in Cayote) to give it a slight contrast and give it that 2 tone effect.

Then I proceeded to work on the upper and started to cover up parts that I don't want to be painted on - this will serve as my secondary highlight.

It turned out to be a little complicated since I don't have a tool to disassemble the Daniel Defense rail, so I went ahead and painted the front part of the barrel with Desert Earth. Once it dried off, I slid a paper over it and started to paint the rest with Cayote.

After baking it a bit and letting it dry under the Southern California sun during WINTER for half a day.. it's slightly ready for assembly (curing time is really about 1 week)

And after all that trouble, here she is...

And for kicks I etched "Snake" in the front part of the FH which I know I'll regret in a couple of days. Haji you're right it looks looks like "SNAK" I regret it already Smile


My rifle is crying out to me as I write this, I can hear her from the trunk of the car...."C'mon Doc, paint me...oh please paint me!"

Nice paint job guys.
I'm just a simple ceveman and use this rifle for punchin paper and rogue deer.
I looks like panzertroop and I have similar tastes in Testors.
Mine has a mix of OD, Coyote and FDE Alumahyde under the model paint.

OK, I think I'm ready. Got three colors of Alumahyde-2 (Desert Tan, Flat Earth, and OD), degreaser, tape, wire, and an AR waiting for decoration... what else do I need? What am I missing? Anyone got any special advice before I dip my dick in it?
Nope, just take your time, practice first on a piece of cardboard or something so you know how it sprays - also start spraying off the rifle, move the can to paint, and stop off the rifle again i.e. spray paint 101. Better to need a couple coats than have it come out thick and drippy.
Well I started a thread about this rifle in the Primary Weapon section which will entail the process I'm going through. balls were feeling a lil brass like tonight and finally took a big gulp and started going.

I know I want to use OD for the misting phase and then touch it off w/ some matte clear Alumahyde II that I have sittin around. Anyways...only if the environment was made of my apartment bathroom tiles my rifle would be perfect. Big Grin

You shoulda seen some of the looks I was getting outside my apartment complex paintin this thing!

Couple guys did walk buy and say "Coooooool" though. Then along w/...."is it real?"'s phase 1!

Here are a few pics of my Rock River M4.
14.5 inch
badger tac latch
Magpul grip
Surefire rail and light
Troy Ind rear sight
Daniel Def single point adapter

Next up is an 870 breecher
14.75 inch barrel (including stand off)
Hogue Tamer grip
modified Mamba sling

The M4 has been touched up with Krylon a few times. Personally I think it looks/works the best with the current pattern. The door breecher has the first coat of Krylon. The base is mud brown and then tan with some weeds for a stencil then OD over that. No major frills, just functional for my AO.
Nice Weapons Cowboy. But those paint jobs where the gun looks like a AIG airsoft gun are funny! Would I really care to paint my gun in a color that tomorrow I may be in the jungle with a tan gun? Too many people with FAR TOO MUCH time on their hands! Just thinking out loud. If your not planning on being in a Sniper hide or an LP/OP don't waste your time. We're no longer in the trenches!
After painting my 1st AR cayote, I decided paint my other one with OD. I went with a lighter shade of OD (old Skool)as opposed to the darker one's and try a different brand of paint - Painter's Choice. A big gamble on my part since I dunno if thi paint will hold like the brownell ones... I hope this b*tch sticks...

Originally posted by was.915:
couple of questions:
Snake Eyes: What make is that flash suppressor/muzzle break of yours? what do you think of it?

Sorry for the very late response. It's a Jerry Miculek Muzzle Break. I love it - itliterally gets rid of muzzle climb (although AR's have very little to begin with) bu what I don't like about it is that it seems to magnifies the blast 3X - which is very annoying to people you're shooting with ut not you.

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