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It looks greener on this monitor than on my other one. That's almost like a greener/darker shade of the HS Paint Marsh Grass color. Neato!

I like the Baby Shit yellow better... Smile

TacBandit thanks for the compliment.
Originally posted by 1SFGjumpmaster:
Nice Weapons Cowboy. But those paint jobs where the gun looks like a AIG airsoft gun are funny! Would I really care to paint my gun in a color that tomorrow I may be in the jungle with a tan gun? Too many people with FAR TOO MUCH time on their hands! Just thinking out loud. If your not planning on being in a Sniper hide or an LP/OP don't waste your time. We're no longer in the trenches!

So your position is that there is more black in the jungle than tan/yellow/sand? Or that black blends with green better than tan blends with green? Or that since the current conflict is in a tan environment that it would be better to leave the weapon black in case one has to go to a green environment? Or that green over black will work better than green over tan? Or that it would take too long to mist green over a tan rifle to bother with it?

What do trenches have to do with camouflage? I would think that if we were in the trenches, the fact that there was a trench would preclude any real camouflage needs while in the trench? I mean a giant ditch is easier to find than a rifle right? When has 1st Group ever fought from trenches? When was the last time any US unit has or even fought on the defensive for that matter? Trenches are defensive correct? I mean in order to attack (be offensive) wouldn't you have to actually climb out of the trench - in other words not be in the trenches anymore?

Why would one need a camo rifle in a hide or an LP/OP but it would be a waste of time in any other situation?

Does painting the gun in any way effect the gun's performance? IF not, and it might give the soldier an advantage and it makes him feel better and allows him to focus more, why not paint it?

Why does the military wear camouflage at all? Why not wear black uniforms - if it doesn't matter I mean?

What I see is a group of professionals seeking every advantage they can get over a dedicated and determined enemy. And for that I thank them.

And then I see one person criticizing them based on...well...I honestly don't know what? Professionals working on their kit and weapons and seeking advice from peers have "FAR TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS"? Perhaps their time would be better spent criticizing others' efforts and posting "'NUFF SAID!"?

Just thinking out loud.
My contribution and I must say I thoroughly blame Stephen for this one like 3 days after seeing his post I went out and painted mine..turned out better than I thought it was going to so Im pleased

Originally posted by KevinB:
Needs to do the Glock and get a sling in MC.

Avarice is one of the seven deadlies - I wouldn't want people to think I was greedy...
Looks good. The neting looks like will create a "dithering" affect similar to MARPAT. I just got my first rifle, I give it a year before I have the balls to paint it.
Vet: Lookin good! I've always loved the netting look.

Sneaky: Thanks and no you can't have it but if you need to see a write up on how to do it let me know.

Kevin: I have plans to do the 17 and the 6005 eventually. Right now I'm working on doing more mags.

Also I'm working on shaving down a FSB to a lo-pro gas block....it's a bitch being at school and not having a vice. Bastard heats up so quick after using the dremel for a short time....it's getting there though.
LCPL Grande,

I bought my rifle on mid-tour leave of my last deployment, I just painted so at least a good year if not more between purchase and paint. I love the net camo, it does a great job of breaking up not only the outline of the weapon but also of the pattern keeping it real soft and random.


Dude that paint job is awesome, I cant imagine how long it took. Good work!

I don't blame Stephen for this since it was done about two years ago, but here is my painted blaster. Cool It is coyote brown Duracoat, done in my garage. I've been meaning to order some foliage green or a bit darker brown to break it up some but haven't gotten around to it.

I don't blame anyone but I finally took the painted rifle plunge! Just needed the right weather and time.

Absolutly nothing fancy. Krylon Camo paint. Tan base, Brown and OD. Only have two questions. I tried to search but I'd rather watch the paint dry!

1) What method to use in getting the finish smooth? Thought of a brush and rag to take off the "dust."

2) Have a can of Krylon Matte Crystal Clear sealer. Should I use it? How much of a difference will it make in protecting the finish?


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Thanks for the vote of confidence there Kev! I covered everything I could think of then some and still have two rolls of blue painters tape left. Bought the twin pack, it was cheaper. Big Grin
Just haven't taken any of it off yet. Might dust it with tan one more time to lighten it up a bit. Also still not sure 'bout the clear coat???

Any help?
Sealant won't do much except make a bigger mess. Just stick with the Krylon paint and you'll be GTG. If the paint wears off, just repaint it! Big Grin

And that dusty residue wears off really fast with use or from just throwing it in a case. Either way, it won't last long.

The paintjob looks great!
Here is mine.
I gotta tell ya. I was shitting like a goose at Christmas when I first put the base coat on...
The paint was Model Masters Spray Enamel in OD, a kind of Foilage, and what they told me was FDE.
I am pleased with it and it seems to be holding somewhat reasonably....

Buck, great lookin' Benelli bro!!!!

I have an update on wear and tear of my Krylon covered baby. There's no sealer or clearcoat, just Krylon. After a trip to the range and camp putting 2000rds through her the paint is showing some wear. Most of the wear is on the plastic parts that I handled the most. The VFG, the pistol grip, and some wear on the stock on my cheek weld spot. Last non metal wear is on the rubber stock pad on the LMT SOPMOD stock.

The only metal part that has wear is the charging handle grip. Some of that is from working the action and some is from having lube/cleaner on my hand while doing so.

Really happy with the way it turned out and I'm very glad I pulled the trigger and painted it!


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I forgot to add how much I love the MM/EMDOM KITMAT! MM great freekin' job! I can't tell you how much I love it! I stocked it with what I use and need. All in one nice clean package. Just works great for my anal/OCD tendencies! Thank you for the great product!!

OK nuff smoke.......one more of my girl. Big Grin


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