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Yeah the front zip has grown on me as well.  For a smaller-sized pack like this I like it a lot.  

I'm kinda with ya on the top lid thing but find myself using the extra spaces more and more.  Like hat, gloves, snacks n shit on bottom, with wallet, keys, phone n shit on top.

On food, you can get a lot more in if you buy #10 cans of your favorite freeze-dried and re-pack 1 cup meals yourself.  6-9 full meals take up very little space.   I use a 1 cup meal like beef stew to cut down on bulk.  

On the top being sorta open without a sleeve/collar.  I take my 3L bladder and flip it up and over, on top of everything, so in effect, it acts as a pretty good weather barrier, in most anything but a river crossing.   This also helps keep the back wall from bulging into the frame space and making contact with your back.        

I have already since then yesterday gotten more in tune with the lid. Just getting used to which compartment is which. I think the issue is mapping / mental models. At a glance the big pocket seems like the small one, etc. 

Oh yeah, I did the small hydro bladder on top for the DG16. But that has a lid big enough for the quick access stuff like rain jacket. Wanting to use the zip also rules out the beavertail so top-of-pack is where it goes. I was thinking of trying to find a long tubular pocket like the size of the old ALICE side pockets (or... mod one of those?) and stuff raingear in there. Or make some sort of half-beavertail strap/panel (or a pair) that doesn't interfere with the zip. But... it's a bit of work to come up with something, haven't done it yet. 

Just got mine in yesterday night.  Tons of hanging pockets inside; wasn’t expecting that.  Stripped the whole lot of them out and have it loaded up with spotter/tripod for some varmint cleanup at a friend’s ranch tomorrow.  Need to get some km’s under it before a full impression but out of the box I think you get a lot of pack for the money.  I am an Alice/64 frame pack guy so this sits perfectly for me on top of webbing/for more of a hiking bag you would need to go for the 16 or taller frame setup

Ha yeah I'm pretty much the same; I'm sure I'll use those someday but for now I use my own stuff sacks. 

Internal vs external.  Yeah I started on externals myself, then I went internal with Bergen models; now I've returned to external with Crossfire.  When you get to a certain size/weight, I think you just need an external, or at least , more support than most internals will give you.

The DG3 might be in that middle ground where you could go either way; but when you get to the DG16, I think the external is the way to go.

Mine in the field this weekend. 

Wore like a charm. Exactly as expected from range work, etc. It's sitting a bit back because I am wearing a second bladder in the LBE. Not dissimilar to how it wears with a PC, though I am not here. 

Comfy as long as you keep the weight down. Tossed another (not weighed) 15 # in there for obs equipment. 45-50# and it was comfy at the interface, but got ruck heavy. Got to make sure you don't overload when carrying dense stuff. 

In the prone with the extra bulgy stuff it — as in the one demo someone took photos of me wearing it — it flopped on top (waist belt didn't shift) a bit to the side so looks dumb if you know what to look for. Still, 93x better than any assault pack that heavy in the prone. And settled back in when I got up, didn't interfere with crawling or shooting in the few minutes I was down, not much of a problem. 

But I'll play with adjustments more to see if I can just tighten the shoulder inteface a bit more to keep it in place. 

Yeah the shoulder interface is an area I've been experimenting with.  Try removing the upper stab straps from the frame, reverse rigging them through the frame, and run OVER the frame, (instead of just coming out of the slot on the frame side).   Also, use all the cross web slots on the shoulder pad so the "tangent" point is as far back towards the frame as possible.  


Here is how I rig these days.  Notice upper stab straps are "reverse" rigged from factory setting.  You insert them through backside of frame and then run them over the top of the frame, not just pulling from frame slot.  Also note I've passed straps through bag loops which helps to suck bag top into frame.  And, shoulder strap webbing is passed under all horiz. webbing slots and pulled tight through upper stab tri-glides.   This will help in cutting down "bag sway" when maneuvering.    


Your TTPs are always correct for you guys. And yes, have mostly done a dropping rucks on contact, etc. 

So you know what I am doing here though, it's two separate thoughts. First, I am mostly hoping to use the DG3 as a super-assault-pack instead of a classic live-out-of-for-a-week ruck. And trying to prove it can do that. Carry similar loads to an assault pack, but more comfortably due to suspension system, and more easily accessed due to size. But... as I am trying to find out, not too much size. That would then not be typically dropped. 

Second, situational. Here I was low crawling into a hide, then in the photo covering (I mean, demoing it. No mag inserted!) for someone else doing the same. So, nice to have a pack that makes that easier, doesn't have to be dragged instead, or otherwise be a menace, more or less regardless of size/weight. 

There are other cases where you don't want to drop rucks, such as (but not exclusively) scouts who will not be returning to the IP, but will be moving through/away from any contact immediately. I know a few euro armies like to do this (got video of Germans and I think... Belgians? somewhere around here) doing raids on villages, including indoors work and stuff like evacuating casualties, all with full rucks, for I think the similar purpose of sweeping through without stopping to go back, get your gear, then walk back through the same objective again. 

So: just checking for capabilities. And then if it does that well, a mission/gear thing. 

I took it to mean a "proof of concept" thing, not an actual T,T,P.  Just to show that you can prone out in it, if and when necessary, and you can actually crawl around with it.  Now as to whether you want to actually do that or not, yeah, up to you and your SOP on this stuff.

Good point on the different actions of your scouts/screen, vs main party.  Scouts might be a bit more busy returning fire; main body might have a little more time to shuck rucks before maneuvering to return fire.  

Next weekend I'll be doing something brief, likely with too little walking, but gonna try the DG3-as-72-hour-pack idea. It'll be cold (20°F range), wet, maybe snow and ice falling, and we're likely to be the "yeah, you guys stay out and set an OP" team, so the size is good for extra layers, ad hoc shelter, snacks, heat, etc. 

To get to the PB, not sure we have vehicle transport, so my bigger warm-camp stuff needs to be ruckable also. So this is my current, maybe stupid and awful, plan: 

In theory you could get the DG3 inside the 16, but it would take three people due to all the snagging probability. So, it's loaded as such anyway, with the sleep system in the bottom, food and clothes in the top, nothing in the main compartment, the DG3 strapped across it and then tightened to slip into that area. 


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Since I have been reminded by being on the right above, a couple photos of me using the DG3 as a super assault pack this weekend as well. 


Love all my mods and increasingly generally the way it's set up. Much easier to snap together quickly, grab gear, etc. Getting used to where I put things in it also. Too easy to overload. Need to remember to ditch stuff before going out. This is at least 10# heavier than needed, as I have stuff like food and heat, and a woobie, and it's not a long enough walk to justify that. 

I have added two pouches to the outside despite my love of slick. Left is the SORD LRF case which I use for the everything. It holds my LRF, my thermal, or my NODs, quite safely. Have one on the rig also. Here it has the thermal and others can grab it to scan or give to me during the patrol.  

Right side is the SORD tripod case, which is a long, thin thing I am 25% using to replace the lack of a beavertail because I want to keep the center zip. I have various cold wx items stacked in there, used it to good effect a few times to quickly change gloves, hat, etc. without removing, or at least opening, the pack. NOT big enough to roll up the parka I wore once the sun went down, but it can hold a lightweight hardshell, so in nice wx it will be my rain gear. 

Probably should have cranked down on the straps more. It's about 40% empty space, so could be less bulky, I just didn't and don't look at myself in the mirror, so didn't notice. 

(if you need bigger to zoom in, ask, I'll post the Flickr links) 

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Oh, also wanted to say that Dirtpro's HSP Flatpak Plus over-lid seemed pretty neat. IF considering a removable lid, then a big (expanding even) accessory lid might be a new thing to sell for this. With the stuff I took, the DG3 was a /little/ too small, and I wouldn't have anyplace to ditch stuff in an organized way when at camp. A boxy lid might have solved that for me. Hmm... 

Yeah I am trying to convince the powers that be to offer:

-at least two different sized frames (18" and 20", with 22" being a definite plus)

-bags that fit on all frames.

-removable top lids that fit on any pack (a larger DG16 lid would solve Shoobe's prob)

-standardized shoulder harness

-new features from arctic packs, like new pouch attachment system, and D-rings for pulks, if requested

These features would allow you to customize a 55L ruck from 45 to 75L, and a 85L pack from 65L to 110L.

I am testing out these mods as we speak.   

The artic warfare pack is currently being tested, including with the Swedish Rangers up above the artic circle.  There are only a few prototypes in the wild and none in my hands yet.

The 22" frame is waiting for a military order so they can justify the tooling expense.  That could be awhile.

In the mean time, I will probably be modifying some packs on my own, once I get the proper hardware.  So a DG3, 16, and Mk 7 could be converted to artic warfare stds.  Hopefully a little later this year.   

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