I don't get the whole attached mag carrier fad. I'd much rather have them separate. With the Tenicor Velo and Phlster floodlight available I don't see much reason to stray. JM also has an awesome new mag carrier, high ride appendix that's adjustable for mag height and ride height.

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Agree on the mag carrier/holster combo, SCSU74.  Thw argument that I have read is that most people don't carry a spare magazine and the combo system encourages that.  I suppose it may also work well with appendix carry.

OK, I carry a spare magazine and carry behind my hip, but I suppose I see the point.


I have two of the Xiphos light bearing IWB hoslters.  One is for a G45 with Streamlight TLR7 and one is for a CZ P-07 with TLR7.  Both are quite good.  Retention is adjustable yet predictable once set.  The only issue I had is with the belt clip attachment.  I ended up replacing it with pull-the-dots due to belt fitment on an Aegis belt.  They conceal well at 1 o'clock for me under a T-Shirt in Florida's February version of Spring.

As an added bonus: Time frame from order to delivery was less than 2 weeks...

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I have their centurion and I don’t love it. Tried it because I needed something with retention for work. The quality of material and CS is good, but the holster was super tight and I struggled to take the gun out and re-holster it. They took it back and adjusted it no problem, but it’s still kind of tight. 

Their website mentions using a friction retention for their holsters, so maybe I’m just not used to it coming from Safariland etc  

A: Our light compatible holsters use friction retention to secure the firearm in the holster, so you will not get an audible click when holstering them. The channeling required to fit the light takes away the ability to add a locking retention point around the trigger guard, and we could not create a locking point on the light without risking damage to the light itself, which would also result in extremely fast wear on the holster.


So, I have a three month update to my Xiphos adventure.

I have already replaced both of them with JM Custom Kydex.  I have several JM holsters already, and went back to them. for my off-duty rig.

Mostly, I was disappointed in how the holster carried.  Every time I put the holster on, it seemed to tilt because the attachment points are so narrow.  Even after replacing the single clip with pull-the-dot loops, the holster still wouldn't stay put.

I believe they make good stuff, but I am not a fan of that particular holster.

If you can't F@#* it, frag it ~ Dad

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