I was given an old um 84 holster I wear when hunting ( in case I encounter coyotes because I carry a bolt action) my question is does anyone make a snap strap (not thumb break) for this holster or would it have to be custom made?

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They have both OD and black here:



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The strap I'm looking for is the type used on Uncle Mike's nylon holster that the strap goes over the top and snaps on the side of the holster. I can't post pictures with my cell phone so it's the best I can describe it

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If I follow from my memory of my old timey Uncle Mikes nylon gunbuckets, same basic concept. Those could be put over the hammer or the back of the frame as you desired based on how installed, etc whereas this is a bit more specific to the hammer area, based on how the holster is cut. 

Here's the M1415 installed, seems similar in concept unless there's a specific reason the stiff release bit on top of the holster will not do for your application. 

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I was going to suggest the M145, which worked fairly well for me when I had to wear the UM84 way back when. I have to ask, what is the advantage of an Uncle Mike's type of strap as opposed to the thumb break? I had (or may still have) an Uncle Mike's holster with that kind of strap that came with a gun I bought. and I never liked it because I could not unsnap it from a good firing grip.


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I was going to say that for your application it sounds like the flap might be the best option.  The draw stroke for the flap vs an old timey over the top and snap on the side is the same.  Both require equal movement and both preclude beginning the draw stroke with a master firing grip.  That being said we are drawing down on coyotes not running a USPSA stage.  

The UM84 was actually a great woods holster.  It covered all but the last 1-2” of the grip and was well padded.  It fit over any belt you could think of.  It did a good job of keeping the dust off especially the later one with the boxed in trigger guard.  If you just wanted a pistol to tag along it did a really good job of retaining it and protecting it.  

I grew to hate the holster throughout my career because I carried it in harms way and it had far been surpassed in that role.  I switched to the Eagle Industries SAS and then to a Safariland SLS during my service time.  I’d actually like to have one now for nicer guns when riding ATV’s or really banging around climbing a tree stand.  I always thought the revolver model would have been pretty good at protecting those Smith target pistols we all like to carry in the woods now and again.  It’s not a bad option for a protective holster.

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