I am part of a fugitive task force in my area and have borrowed an old PASGT style helmet to use on the higher risk entries. This helmet just isn't cutting it as far as fit and comfort go.  I have been looking to make a purchase with my own funds around the $500 price point.  Botach is having a helmet sale and they are offering the United Shield (a British company) Sprint helmet for $530 or the Delta helmet for $590.  They are both high cut and the Sprint has a slimmer cut that narrows on the back and the Delta is more of a Ops Core fast cut.  Delta also sounds like it has better pads and chin strap.


I also found that Arma Core sells a Ops Core fast style helmet on ebay for $499.  I am leery of this company as I can't find much about them and it looks like they primarily sell on ebay.  They do claim to be veteran owned (I will happily give a veteran my money if true) and their website says they are affiliated with Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute (don't know anything about them) which then claims to be associated with Alliance Police Training Division.  Arma Core also posts their IIIa certification on their sales page.


I know most people are going to say buy once, cry once and save my money for a Team Wendy or Ops Core but I just can't swing that.  My options are now pick up one of these or maybe retrofit the PASGT with some new pads and see if that helps.  Anyone have any experience with these helmets or input on these companies?  Any other better options?  Only requirement is it has to be black.



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I would not touch either of those helmets for free or if issued/required... 


Better options?


Yeah- TNVC or ownthenight.com


Both can set you up with a NEW basic Milspec shell and harness for around $400.

Both companies offer the choice of ACH-2000, -2001 high cut or 2002 midcut from reputable USA companies that people have heard of like Gentex, BAE, Revision (former MSA), etc. that actually hold USG contracts. These helmets are built to the USGI spec so mounting holes are in the correct locations and are the correct diameter, independent testing is performed and current, sizes are the same from one maker to another, ballistic grade bolts have been used, etc.

Both companies will build up what you want in terms of upgraded suspension, rails, NVG mounts or whatever. Both offer basic colors- ownthenight.com offers Multicam and DigiDesert films as well. 


Both are certified GTG by Lightfighters.


I checked all the boxes and ended up with a Gentex high cut, ARC rails NVG shroud, velcro, Team wendy Epic Air pads, OpscoreH harness etc for about $750 IIRC....


If you team requires one color and you want another color, First Spear makes nice helmet covers as does a LF'r here whose callsign I can't spell the same way twice but is something like falldownjaeger.


Or you can get OD suspension and paint the shell black.

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Thanks guys. I actually just picked up a used Rabintex ACH-3 from another poster here.  Appreciate the input. 

Good deal! I would suggest upgrading the pads and suspension system if your ACH still has the original Rabintex harness.


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Just curious what is wrong with United Shield?   Based on your post I am assuming bolt holes aren't located exactly to spec.   Is there anything else that I should worry about?    I ask because last year we were all issued United Shield ACE style helmets with removable riot face shields for patrol use in disturbances.  I still have my MSA helmet from SWAT so I can move the face shield from the United Shield to the MSA if needed.

United Shield is legit. They are British company and their helmets are made in UK. Because of quality and lesser price than US products, they are quite popular here in Europe. They are tested against NIJ and European ballistic standard and they perform well.

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United Shield may have sound ballistics, but I would check to make sure the helmet you buy has USA spec hole spacing. The Brit, Euro and Izzy helmets have tended to march to their own drummer. So things like ARC rails, NVG shrouds and Ops Core suspensions don't match up to the mount holes. It getting better in recent years, but I would ask pointed questions of your dealer to make sure that the helmet you buy will accept WARCOM standard accessories.

The helmets I referenced in a post above are all made to US spec. 

If you are not going to add anything to the helmet(s) then it is not such a big deal. That said, LE is changing so the helmet you get may as well be ready for NVG, camera's, IR and Vis light, rail mounted comms, etc.

The pictures they showed were decked out with stuff, but not sure the quality of mounts they used. I'm very skeptical because there isn't much out there about that company.  

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