I bought my first TAPS Pro shortly after UNITY launched it to replace my SF dual switch that I had been using to run my M600u/ATPIAL combo on my work gun.  The finger gymnastics required to smoothly work the light and vis laser under mask made me want to make the switch to the TAPS Pro.  

My first TAPS PRO refused to program.  The process to program it is not difficult, but it is tedious. The instructions that Unity includes makes the best of trying to explain how to make it work to produce the desired outcome.  After attempting several times with no luck I reached out to Unity.    They squared me away and got a new one sent out to me.  The new one programmed right away and got me up and running.  I set mine up for one "button" to activate both devices with a momentary press or a double press for constant on, and for the second "button" to activate laser only with a momentary press or a double press for constant on.     

The "button" on a TAPS has a different feel to it having always used SF tapeswitches on my lights.  Where the SF has a very positive feel to it, the TAPS "button" has very little movement to it to perceive it is being pressed or not.  I suspect this has to do with the TAPS being an electronic beast as compared to the SF being a mechanical beast.  The lack of a tactile button press was difficult for me to get used to, and even once used to it would occasionally fight me when trying to double press for constant.  It seemed that at times the switch would not register my attempted double press and would only register a single, forcing me to hold the button down or go to manual override to keep my device activated.   

Last month my team ran three very wet ops within a two week time frame.  TAPS ran like a champ in the rain and was wiped down and dried out with all my other gear post op.  Post rainy op  #3, same wipe down procedure.  Replaced batteries in everything per my normal, everything function checks and gets stowed.  A day later during function check, TAPS is dead.  New batteries don't fix it, no obvious damage to the device.  Swapped my light back to the old reliable SF switch and  put the crappy PEQ15 tape switch back on and drove on with my finger gymnastics. 

As I write this, I have yet to contact UNITY about the dead switch.  Work schedule has precluded me from making this happen, but I do not doubt that UNITY will square me away. 

In summary: 

TAPS accomplished my goal of simplifying my switchology and the finger gymnastics that go with competent and quick weapon manipulation under pro mask. 

TAPS buttons are not so much "buttons" as they are touch pads 

If you decide to run a TAPS on a work gun, I highly recommend you have a DS type tailcap on your light.  This saved me a couple of times when TAPS would not register the double press and provides a fail safe in the event that TAPS dies.   If you do not have the ability to manually override both of your devices, I would not recommend running the TAPS. 

 ETA:  I understand through the grapevine that UNITY has pulled the current version of TAPS and is reworking it.  


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This is good information. I'm running SR07 tape switches with lights only, I see myself with a MAWL eventually (because I'm insane like that) and was contemplating the TAPS switch vs keeping the SR07 and use the built-in switches for the laser.  Now I'm leaning more in that latter direction.

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This was close to my experience as well.  First switch was a pain in the ass to program and then shit the bed.  Replacement was easy to program, and I set it up the same as the OP.  

Also same experience with the tactile difference between TAPS and SF switches.  

But I'm trying to make it work, since I only have an OTAL, with no capability for double tap constant ON, except through the TAPS switch.  So if you are running an external IR light in conjunction with an IR laser only, it gives you a huge upgrade to have light and laser on with one push.  

But, it has been wonky.  Sometimes the switch doesn't want to work, probably because of the "touch" pad thing, which makes it hard to know if you've activated it or not.  There's no "feedback" on the button; you're just mashing it until it works.  

Overall, it has been a huge improvement for me, but it's taken some time to get it working right, both me and it.   

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I got into some of these complaints back here: https://www.lightfighter.net/t...l-taps-switch?page=2

I have two, neither of them have died. Yet. I also haven't really used them in the true sense. I want to be a Unity fanboy - their products are certainly innovative.

I had my concerns when the instructions were pretty adamant about not fucking up the o-rings - and, if I remember correctly, not de-greasing them.


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