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I am looking for some way to determine what projectile is used in generic "55 gr soft point" for duty use ammunition.

I am working hard on updating our depts training, maintenance, firearms and ammunition program. 

We just dumped Hunters Shack ammunition finally, and switched over to a new supplier. I spec'd out Speer Gold Dot, Winchester Ranger or Hornady Critical Duty 64 gr nickel case for duty ammunition and a brass case ball round for practice.

Somewhere in the convoluted chain of command, that specific recommendation became "55 gr PSP from wherever is cheapest for duty practice" I am assured by the guy that likely did the switch that this is "a good duty bullet". I remain uncomforted.

How do I figure out what bullet is in this years duty ammunition?

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I had to look up "PSP" - pointed soft point.  It looks like Remington is the only one selling and marketing this bullet, but whether they make it or not, IDK.  Remington has charts for velocity vs range, but nothing for terminal performance.

You're uncomforted?  For good reason.  There is nothing to indicate that this is purposed for LE work.  I think you just got hosed.

Just because it looks like some of the other offerings you mentioned, doesn't mean it is.

Is it too late to change?

Is this remanufactured ammo or from some small loading company rather than "factory?"

If so they are probably buying economical bulk bullets if the blt isn't identified.   I haven't been loading ammo since about the time of the big ammo shortage but the cheapest domestic   .224  55gr PSP  blts were  Rem, Win. and sometimes Hornady.   For performance those are going to be pretty equal cup/core blts if loaded the same.

Now if they are going with some of the generic (especially fmj) blts being offered by some places I'm suspecting they are not domestic and don't have a clue but have seen some that were  IMI.


Armscor got the bid as far as I can tell-   They have the bid for MT POST academy and therefore can do no wrong. So they promptly fucked up and sent us 55gr FMJ.

This is the kind of stupidity that finally got us away from HSM ammo.

To say that I am "uncomforted" is an understatement.

The guy running the Quartermaster desk acts like we are spending his own money, and is a fundamentalist cheapskate. He was proud that he saved us a hundred bucks a case.

I have an uneasy feeling that we are getting run of the mill varmint grade 55 gr ammo. Which is what HSM was providing us.


I did some hydraulic evaluation of the ARMSCOR  .223 62 gr PSP Bonded which we are issued. BLUF: This particular load is not bonded. The 62 gr PSP Bonded showed complete jacket separation on every single recovered bullet. It is run of the mill PSP at a slightly higher price than conventional FMJ. It should be considered adequate for training, practice, and small game. The ARMSCOR loading is absolutely NOT a duty quality load. This is fact.

What follows is theory/speculation: ARMSCOR website offers ammunition. When you order through the website, the order and contact information goes to Pahrump, NV. Yes, that Pahrump, home of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and a variety of sketchy dealings. I am unsure if ARMSCOR has a relationship with Front Sight, but the co-location is pretty coincidental.  ARMSCOR is clear that *some* of its ammunition is made in the Philippines, and alludes that certain lines are made in the USA. My sleuthing so far indicates that most or all of the the components are Philippine sourced, and that all or most of the actual loading is done in the USA. FWIW, the twenty round boxes state "Made in USA" in large print. None of that really matters except that getting a straight story on what bullet is used has been unsuccessful, and so far there has been no willingness to back up phone conversations with paper evidence.

At this time, I cannot recommend ARMSCOR for duty use.

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