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This is how I set mine up.  What was my NPE?  Im was an SRO in an Elementary school setting in a place very skittish about guns and police stuff in schools.  Another conversation for another time.

This however, let me bring all my reloads, IFAK and other tools into a school in a completely unnoticed manner.  It also carried my daily admin needs.



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I’ve got the Vertyx Essentials Sling.  I ‘ve got room for SW Shield + 2 mags in the rear pocket, full size IFAK in the front pocket, other essentials (flashlight, multi-tool, keys, lip balm, manpons etc) plus an IPad in the middle compartment.  Well built.

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Thanks for the feedback.  Oddly enough, despite several decades as a real cop, I had little experience with higher end nylon other than uniform duty gear from DeSantis and legacy Safariland. .  Eagle Industries and U.S. Peacekeeper served me well for bags, but I don't believe they have anything available for quasi-concealed carry.  Thanks again.

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