It's been around for half a decade, and it finally got lighter. Vortex swears it's just as good as the 25.2oz iteration even at 21.5oz. It has the largest exit pupil on 1x of any 1-6 LPV out there, at 14mm, and people can debate glass quality all day long...but how have they held up compared to the NXS and MK6 lines, in actual use? Are they honestly 100% comparable in ability to withstand harshness?

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I have one on a Geissle 1.93 that I bought from a guy. He had no issues with it and I have yet to have any problems, but I have also not been able to run it hardly at all due to being in MOB and now deployed. Thus I’ve barely shot any this year, hell don’t even have my rifle zeroed.

For those of you who have been using one for a while, any thoughts (regrets?) on your choice of reticle? I’m interested in buying one in the next year or so, but I’ll probably research and overthink the reticle choice for months. That’s an area I have little experience with.


I have both reticles. Started with the mil reticle and it works fine. The reason I switched to the bdc is that for me, on a 10.5 or 14.7” m4, the mil reticle didn’t correlate to as useable range brackets as the jm1. 

Sure, you can figure out what your crossovers are exactly, but I wanted speed of first rounds near the target, so +- 4” at range is fine with me (the differences in trajectory from temp, m855a1, m855, mk263 or brown tip). The possible advantage the mil reticle has is the horizontal mil hash marks to accommodate for wind.

I am a fan of bdc type optics on battle rifles. The Jm1 is great for that. Sniper rifles are different requirement.

I run the Razor HD 1-6 in Geissele 1.93's on both my work rifle and my 3-gun competition rifle.  The 3-gun rifle frequently gets harpooned into dump barrels, banged into obstacles, and otherwise generally abused, and it has been 100% for me, with no zero shift.  The one on my work rifle has been just as reliable.


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I run the Razor 1-6 on my 3 Gun Rifle.  It has seen several years of hard use and has given me zero issues until just recently.  While at a match the illuminated reticle stopped working.  Called Vortex and they had sent me an RA immediately.  They had it repaired and back to me in about a week.  I purchased mine after looking at what a lot of competitors were using and recommended.  Only downsides to me are battery life and lack of windage marks.   I would still recommend it.      

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