I was at the range this morning and one of the FTU guys had a Walther PPS M2. It's a little top heavy and not as accurate as one would expect from a Walther, but damn is it a shootin' machine. Anyone else agree?

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Had a chance to shoot a G43, Shield 2.0, and PPS M2 side by side the other day. Approx 100 rounds each at the range as I'm evaluating swapping out my G19 for something more concealable once shorts and t-shirt weather arrives. I know you only asked about the PPS but I figure you might be considering single stack 9's in general. Here are my notes on the three:

PPS: best trigger of the three by a fair bit, night sights that come with it are nice, wouldn't feel compelled to swap them for my standard Heinies. Didn't notice it being particularly top-heavy but I shot it after the Shield which I did notice to be particularly top-heavy. I'm glad they went away from the paddle mag release. The only reason I don't own a gen 1 PPS is I didn't want to introduce an (even slightly) different manual of arms between my carry pistols. Only oddity I found had to do with the shape of the backstrap where the web of my strong hand engages - no matter how I adjusted my grip pressure between strong and support hands or how far forward/back I rolled my wrists, the gun had a tendency shift to the left and slightly up under recoil, with the back left corner of the top of the backstrap lodging into the web of my hand, but then stopping once it was there. Oddest damn feeling, it was controllable-ish once locked up like that but not comfortable and hard to get a good sight picture without kinking my right arm in slightly. I think it has something to do with the very rounded off corner there vs. the lip or slight beavertail of the Shield and G43. That said, for slower fire the damn thing was a laser.

Shield: worst trigger of the three by far. Reset is looooooooong. Noticeably top-heavy but also noticeably the softest shooting of the three. The trigger guard also comes really low/font strap length is short.  I couldn't get my pinky on the grip with the flush mag, barely with the 7 round, only the 8 round gave me the same grip purchase as the PPS w/ 7 round or G43 w/ 6 round. At that point the top of slide-bottom of grip was within ~1/8" of my G19...what's the point for concealability. (Thinness is nice, but for my build grip length is key).

Glock 43: It's a Glock. The trigger is okay, the reset is predictable, it's a little snappier than my 19. It's a Glock. Stock sights suck. It's a Glock. Very concealable with just the factory pinky rest mag and far and away the most concealable of the three.

I also got to fingerbang a Sig P365 in the shop but unfortunately they didn't have one at the range. I'm now on a mission to find one of those to shoot side by side with the G43 and the winner will be my summer gun.

I like my PPS M2; it's either a backup on my ankle, or "I need a gun, but can't carry 17/19/34/etc." My... girth right now makes IWB not much fun. I love the Walther triggers, and I find the PPS M2 accurate for that size gun.

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I liked the PPS enough to nearly buy one, the Shield came out... so i got a Shield instead.  Mostly because Glock was years behind. 


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I echo Max K's remarks, but hadn't diagnosed the issue with the PPS in as much detail. I'm going to throw some talon grips on it and see if that resolves the issue. Still feels better to me than the Shield or 43.

It feels top heavy with the flush 6 round mag, but the 7 makes it balance nicely for me. I think it's as accurate as anything in its size / class.

I did have to have mine fixed under recall for the trigger safety issue (note to SIG: the way Walther did it was the right way). And there is a "known" issue with a little bit of barrel peening near the right side of the chamber. I'm not sure if it's a major problem or not. Mine has it but after the initial deformation the area has not expanded / grown. Walther swears it won't effect function or longevity (would welcome anyone's thoughts on that).

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