I am looking for a "bag" or "duffel" of some sort that would do a good job of carry my Level III plates (inside their plate carrier) and a ballistic helmet while I am out on patrol.  What I am trying to avoid is just putting them in the floor of the back seat or the trunk.  I'd like to keep them together in one place (without the helmet potentially moving around the car) and make some attempt to keep dirt, road salt, moisture, etc. off of them.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  Thank you!



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I’ve seen something like what you’re looking for at SKD.  I don’t recall the products name but when I saw it I wanted one for just the reasons you mentioned except in my civvie truck. 

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Not a bag, but my PC is seatbelted in the passenger eat. Doesn't move. Bagwise, North Face duffles hold up well.


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If you think there is the liklihood of needing immediate, or unimpeded access to your kit, you probably dont want it in a bag.  Front seat of the patrol car works well belted in.  Trunk area works well also, and if need be, you could construct a small container for your PC and helmet.  


I have both the FS Helmet Hut and the SKD armor carry bag referenced above. Both are quality. The SKD bag is large enough for my PC helmet and batbelt with a couple open pockets on the outside where I can stash a pair of boots, gloves and face / head cover stuff. I’ve used it to transport all that stuff for out of town classes, it works great and would work for your needs.

At work I just leave my PC in my ride for storage and put it on at the beginning of shift...all the other gear mentioned above is all really worn minus the newly acquired helmet which will be stored in the FS HH.

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I use the RE Factor ASO bag. Holds my PC, helmet, gas mask, med bag, binoculars and flex cuffs in the main area. I store some other stuff in the zippered pouches like paracord, dog leash and traffic vest. I just leave the bag unzipped with the top flipped open, med bag gets put on headrest. Bag sits in trunk.

I've had very good results buckling the PC in in the back seat. I put my helmet in the PC. Everything stays in place, and is readily accessible. 

Wouldn't consider a bag unless transporting. Those are RFN items. 

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I have the SKD bag.  It is very well made and very well thought out. It is HUGE.  Carries a LWAAC, Scarab with side places, helmet, pro mask and lots of incidentals.  For my uses it is more of a transport bag.  For uniformed patrol I rigged two pieces of nylon cord with plastic carabiners and loops.  I attach the loops around the passenger seat head rest pillars.  The helmet nests inside of the PC and sits upright on the seat.  The carabiners clip to the shoulder straps of the PC.  Secure and quickly deployable.

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I'm probably in the minority, but I do not carry every little thing I can think of up front with me. I have a VERY small bag with a ticket book, traffic vest, spare AR mag, extra TQ, pens and a clip board that holds forms in it. Everything is meant to be minimalist. 

That goes in front of the PC in the seat next to me, and is belted in. I deliberately do not carry a huge bag. Everything else is in the back. I can reach over and put on armor while driving. Yes, I had to practice, and yes I've done it in real life. 

I keep the helmet and mask together in a small bag in the back (would be the trunk if I wasn't driving an SUV). 

I tend to small "kits" that have a certain theme instead of giant bags that hold everything.  I have a little DM bag with scope, bipod, rear bag, and LRF in it that I can grab, my helmet and mask I can grab, a small breaching kit I can grab - you get the idea. They're all independent of each other. But the armor needs to be in the seat next to you so you can throw it on on the way.

Why don't I carry my helmet the same way? Because it rolls around and I don't wear it that much. Personal choice. 


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When I carried a PC, it was on the passenger seat, between my paperwork bag (24 L x 12 D x 12 H), and the seatback.  Paperwork bag is seatbelted into the seat.

I wear plates full time now (in a Safariland Oregon City External Vest Carrier), so the need for the PC in the vehicle went away.  

Helmet is a PITA because it rolls around, so I use a carabineer to secure it to one of the handle straps on the paperwork bag.

In between the front seats I carry a go-bag with lots of med gear and some ammo.  It does not impede access to my rifle. 

In the active shooter events that we have had locally, the lesson came through quite clearly that we need to bring med gear with us.  Lots of it.   I can take the go bag as close to the crisis point that I can, leave it, and then retrieve it as time/opportunity permit.  In my mind, that's better than leaving it in the car, or waiting for EMS.  



So, few thoughts.....

When I worked uniformed patrol my plate carrier was either bungee corded behind my seat where I could reach i while driving (non-cage car) or on the passenger floor up front (cage car.)  The helmet was always an issue.  Since my medical gear and rifle was in the trunk I kept them all together so I had one stop shopping for my gear.

It's a compromise. I really liked being able to throw my plate carrier on while driving.

For storage in the trunk or back seat, I have used a Rubbermaid Brute Tote with some of the closed cell foam taped inside of the container for added protection . The top is left off. The height of  hard plastic  container along with the padding helped protect the gear while in the trunk.This worked well for Crown Vics and Impalas  that did not have the premade storage compartments  that are sometimes in the trunk . It also  helps protect the carrier and helmet from breaching gear that may be in the trunk,  and all of the other hard, sharp objects that somehow  make it into the back.  If the plate carrier and helmet are not up front  during the tour , they can be accessed without having to open up a bag.

This has  also worked well for guys that have pool rides and that need to transfer the PC and helmet between POV and squad cards. It is easy to transfer from vehicle to vehicle and protects the PPE.

I had done some research for something similar (not a cop) and focused my attention on a bag made by Rothco called the 3 in 1 convertible mission bag.  I have yet to buy it, but it seems like a good compartmented bag that could be organized to carry everything I need in the trunk of a car.   Anyone used one before?  Will be ordering soon.  



Too easy....find a small pack you can fastex to the rear of your carrier.

While in regular patrol, I used a custom plate carrier with fastex buckles placed on the rear shoulder straps and bottom rear corners. Those buckles allowed me to attach a First Spear ECP pack,  which held my FAST and Sentinels. This was the best option I found to keep things together, fairly accessible, and half ass protected. The pack was NOT attached to the carrier on duty. It was simply detached and placed alongside the carrier usually in the trunk. The ECP has just enough coverage to keep my expensive ass setup decently protected. I fully expected to break everything at some point but it has not happened yet.

I routinely had to throw my plates and helmet on patrol to the point of where it became second nature. What I discovered through last min testing in the real world (bad idea) is that that there was very little time lost by actually stopping and throwing all that crap on from the trunk. Keep one side of the carrier fastened and slide into it.

Hope it helps.

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Gang - Just to "close this one off," I have decided on a Voodoo Tactical 15-0152 Travel Storage Bag Pack w/Shoulder Straps and Waist Belt.  It arrived a couple of days ago and seems sturdy.  I can fit my plates and helmet inside the large main compartment, and I can "top them off" with my medical kit.  The large side pockets seem like they will work for my extra, extra magazines and shot gun ammo.  It's about a $65 bag.  This bag will give me a lot of capability all in one place.  Thanks for the various suggestions.



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