I'm looking to buy a new version Eickhorn-Solingen KM2000. Any suggestions as to where is best to buy them in the US?

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There are at least two variations available, according to the Eickhorn-Solingen website,  the KM2000 & the KM2000BW. FWIW each one uses a different blade steel.


The KM2000 uses Böhler N695, a stainless steel with a high (1.05%) carbon content. After hardening & tempering it runs 57-60 HRc. The USA equivalent is 440C.


The KM2000BW uses 1.4110 stainless steel with a lower carbon content (0.60%). Hardness runs 56-57 HRc. The USA equivalent is 440A.


The knife guys can elaborate on the differences between the two.


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