The best bet for us is to do it manually. Buy hole punches in the sizes you need, 1/8" for snaps, 3/16", 1/4", etc. for grommets. Then get your dies and setting tools as req'd. I highly recommend getting a rawhide mallet for setting. Regular hammers mushroom and crack your setting tools. is a good source for this stuff if you don't have anything local. Try to set your hardware in webbing if possible. Acts as a doubler and less likely to tear out. Funny thing is, I've worked on those big pneumatic machines w/ auto feed and while you can can set a buttload of hardware, they were very twitchy and prone to break down or jam.

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BTW, I got in some of the 1" OD Velcro mentioned is the "Hi-Air" variant which uses lots of Nomex in its construction. This is an FAA-spec flame resistant product, but the bad news is that it does not seem as strong as the normal Vecro product.

I like the price well enough, but for some of the stuff we do, this will not cut it. :-(


Well thats not good to hear as i ordered 4 rolls of it. But its also the chances we take on ebay <---Moon

Bullet I have 1lb spools of F 92 OD thread if you need a few.
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B&A is good to go. THe green 483 is one of my favorite colors. It has a slightly stiff hand (really depends on the mills on that one). The Coyote Tan, and Coyote 483 (brown), are a little bit softer. If you guys use any type of lamination proccess (glue, etc.) you can solve this problem. My .02, as i like my cordura stiff. I will admit though, the OD (plain OD) that i have from them is REALLY soft (feels like 300-500 Denier)! Others may have had different experiences though. The military line that they carry on the website has a stiff hand though- highly recomend it. Speaking of sources, here's 2 great sources for Cordura Nylon:
-They carry an exstensive color line of 500-1000 denier cordura nylon (they actually carry everything- packloth, and a whole bunch of other crap). Problem is that the hand is really soft. Good for anyone who wants to add cordura to modify any BDU's. No minimums except for a small charge if the cut is less than a certaint amount (5 yrds??)
-My favorite supplier! They carry pretty much all your fabric needs, plus they laminate cordura with a foam (like how eagle does with the camelbak line). What i like is that the cordura line is REALLY stiff! The only problem is that they only sell by the 50 yrd. bolt. (if any one wants to do a group buy, let me know..)


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About TN Webbing, I am looking for 1 in webbing like the GI stuff on Ruck Sacks, and I didn't see anything that was about the same thickness and toughness when TN sent me their swatches, anyone got a number for that stuff? Or its brother, the 1.5 in?

Also, if its a class 2 item, anyone have the NSN?
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I plan to pick up some shock cord from REI, however I suspect it won't be in "tactical" colors.

Anyone with a source for OD and brown/coyote and black shock cord would be greatly appreciated.


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3/4" tape- keep checking w/ tnwebbing. Order from para-gear if you have to. Anyone got a line on tan/coyote paracord by the spool?

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I got mine in packs from Ranger Joes, prolly not the best way to go about picking some up, but I haven't seen spools yet. Anyone got a source for BLACK grommets? I've been looking for black grommets and everyplace I've seen listed as a supplier only appears to have brass and nickle. Thanks
Never interrupt the enemy when he is doing something wrong. - Erwin Rommel
Hey guys I'm having a major problem finding the following items in small quanity, everyone wants to sell like 35 yard minimums. Our local shop is crap.

1/4 or 5/16 bungie I only need 3 yards.
2" Flat woven OD Elastic 3 yards.
2" Military OD webbing 5 yards

If anyone can help me out with the following I would appreciate it.
zip 93955 to figure shipping.
Southern Thread in Chattanooga. This is a great place to buy thread - They sell 2 pound cones of 92 weight bonded nylon for $5 each for colors, or $8 for black or white. They also sell over ebay. Their ebay store is called southern thread. You can check out the colors they have there. The dark tan color works for coyote brown stuff. I just purchased several rolls and am very pleased.
I am looking for a buckle like this special designed buckle or something similar in design :

It does need to have a load resistance as for parachute harnesses or alpinism harnesses buckles.

Thanks for your help.
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