Why I am Still Here is Unknowable ... Here is some of my Gear

Hey I am supposed to be in Iraq but got designated for follow-on. Not too smart to not deploy an Arabic speaking operator to a country of 23 million Arabs ... So while I sit here and stew in my own frustration here is a recon ghillie I made in Pakistan in 2001 for the Where's Waldo mission (Tora Bora). Let me know if it doesn't post.
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Here is my gear while training the first US Navy Terrorist Leadership Interdiction Force in Nov 2001 enroute Yemen/Somalia (I am center, back to picture)...yes I am ashamed to say it but I am wearing a BHI leg M-16 mag/FB pouch and two belt pouches ... they were free. The vest is Eagle TAC-V-N1 and holster is LBT NSW for M-9.
Not to sound like an ass, but that is definitely the cleanest ghillie suit I have ever seen for being made half way around the world 2 years ago. You must have either some kick ass air-tight duffel bag, or a nice rear with the gear job. Padding looks pretty thick and heavy on the legs, how's it flex when taking a knee? I take it thats not your issue rifle, since it looks like a post an with no bayonet lug, no muzzle brake and the removable front sight?
Last one ... in case you can't figure out why my name is "Abu Buckwheat". Believe me when people hear my personal call on the radio they know who it is, ha ha. The guy "training" me (I'm supposed to be an "Indig Arab" receiving FID training) was one of the team guys who rescued Pvt. Jessica Lynch. PS Mike, thanks for the RAS.
Also It was designed to lie flat on cold rock. I used a BHI shooters mat, cut it up and had it sewn on in Peshawar. It flexes well at the knees. I made it for recon, not sniping ... I never intended to slide over ground for great lengths. Yes that is my own weapon and was taken here in Washington DC recently where I am sitting and waiting, waiting, waiting for this deployment.
Ya know I'm not gonna start some sort of crapping contect here. But in your other post you talked about strapping your CFP-90 to the "side of a track". Your a sere instructor, a anti-terrorist instructor, you've got the cleanest ghillie suit in the planet, even though it was made in one of the dirtiest countries ever. You were in Bosnia years before it happened. Your a SERE instructor making the "big push", does that mean you'll offer on the spot corrections to people when they are getting captured? So that makes you an elite fighting soldier that had to buy his own M5 ris/ ras, before the "big push" you've been blabbing about. Pretty weak opsec for a professional. I think it's getting a little deep. Careful, I don't know if even a SEAL can keep from drowing in BS.
You talk a good game. You make it look good, but your pictures are always so perfect and your always so clean, and so posed for. I've been to the field, not just came up with cool pictures. People get dirty I hate to break it to you. Look even in your last picture with the nice clean outfit you got on. Must have got out you car & ran to wardrobe and make up to stay to perfect before the cameraman took it. You talk a good game but you got too much doo-doo over lapping. Now you trained a guy that rescued lynch too? and a book on amazon? Give us a break guy.
Not to say that Abu is what he says he is. But 12b3v if you were in the military or still are why would you care if he is real or not? Its his Integrity call not ours. Its unprofessional to gripe about where he's been or what he's doing. If Abu is who he says then just take it as that (face value) I could care less what people say they have done or where they've been to unless I meet them face to face and can truly see in their eyes that thier not lieing.

Hey maybe some day you'll need a favor and the guy you just busted on is the only one who can help, so you just shot yourself in the foot. It does no one any good to critisize in this manner.

Just a word of advise take it any way you want.

"Soldiers above all people pray for peace, for they are the ones who bear the deepest wounds and scars of war."
Jeezus this board is full of cynics ... I though you just wanted to see gear around my house. How many photos does it take to convince YOU? What specifically would you like to see... my DD-214? Just ask, send me an e-mail. I'll send my professional bio with it. Here is a quick career synopsis: Beirut 82-84, Libya 85, Iran 87-88, Kuwait/Iraq 90-91, Bosnia 93-96, Uganda/Rwanda 96, SERE school 97-2001 (both wartime SERE and the Advanced Terrorism, Abduction and Hostage Survival course) which I developed. I was at the Pentagon on 9/11 and worked in Pakistan/Afghanistan 2001-2002. Just FYI our Bosnia involvement began in September of 1992 well before our Sep 95 airstrikes. I am now retired but volunteered for recall where I am waiting now. Opsec about the big push??! You didn't see the war coming last July? PS I am NOT and never said I was a SEAL I did train them and deployed with them as their Arab looking and speaking intelligence asset (or slapped them as a SERE instructor) ... for 20 years! Yeesh, here is another "perfect" photo for you, count the ribbons, compare notes with your friends, call BS all day long. Now about you?

If he worte that book, then his name is Malcolm Nance and is a retired Senior Chief Petty Officer (based on what I've found)
Malcolm Nance, Real World Rescue (RWR) Director of Special Operations, has 20 years of experience in high-risk travel throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa as a member of the US military intelligence community. As an anti- and counter-terrorism specialist and former survival instructor for the Department of Defense, he has trained thousands of individuals on surviving critical incidents overseas
Here are a few references to him

And also, this would be his company http://www.specialreadiness.com/ (a one page site, with an invalid link unfortunatly)

If you really want the low down on this guy, just sick the SOCNET dogs on him. They'll be able to tell you if he's for real or not.

I have no real opinion either way. I've met plenty of professional soldiers who also liked having a couple of nice clean pics of themselves to show the kids. They also "happened" to always be around when photographers showed up.

Mettle not in the affairs of dragons because thou art crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

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Abu, Chuck, and everyone that posted on this one so far. Thank you for the SOCNET remark to put me in my place, this is a good site, and I don't want to start some childish crap. You are right it isn't me to judge a persons integrity. ABU, I'm sorry I'm not buying off on everything there your claiming. If you are and it's true your a very hardened and seasoned warrior, I can respect that. I'm not trying to keep the arguement going or anything, but you've got your opinions on everything and everyone just as I have mine.
Originally posted by Abu Buckwheat:
Dude... no sweat. Do you want to see my patrol rig? Anybody?
Post away dude. We're always interested in gear pics.

Mettle not in the affairs of dragons because thou art crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
Hey Abu I'm not far from you, If you want to talk just hit me up at my personal Email addy. I'm not a grunt or SF, but will be in support of my SF guys in the AF when I crosstrain in a couple a months, I'd like to see what you have to say about what I'm doing and mybe you could give me some tips if I'm screwing up in some area. Roll Eyes And keep the pic's coming, never can get enough of what others are doing. Cool

"Soldiers above all people pray for peace, for they are the ones who bear the deepest wounds and scars of war."
Hey Abu.......know what you need? A MEDIC! A paramedic. Dude, take me with you. Got two years college level Modern Standard Arabic. Been to Saudi and helped out MODA years ago, also N. Africa for a little while. I'll send you any info you need to bacl it up and references right there in DC.....I think you need a highly motivated paramedic attached to all your future operations.....and YOU can check out MY book at www.amazon.com also. It's called Tactical Medicine......
LBT SOF Ruck, SEAL line Water resistant bag (with my uniforms), BHI sniper rifle transport bag/shooting pad. Solomon Mountain boots, Desert Arcadia boots, issue Desert boots, issued Danners. Someone asked earlier why do I get my own high speed gear (such as the extra M5 RAS)? Because my experience has taught me that if you don't bring it with you to a war and they don't issue it to you (such as being handed a standard M-16A2), you won't have it! (Anyone notice the Marines don't use the M-4 or RAS unless they are FORECON??) A good example is my Gulf War I photo ... I got more gear from the Iraqis than from the US because I didn't bring all of it and some was stolen (Flak jacket, LBE harness, night parka). I carry 1.5 or 2 of everything now. If I get issued something HSLD I use it and pack away my own (extra goes in my track pack or the rear area CONEX). A little advice from the Buckwheat.

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