We troops, back for some advice, I'm looking to "pull the trigger" on one of these, and well, when it comes to sizing I always like to get a second opinion. I'm a pretty consistent middle aged XXL, however I've read some "older" reviews, and its been said the jacket can be tight in the arms and shoulders. That said, I prefer looser these days, and the ability to layer a bit. How's the "new" production? and any first hand end user experience is always appreciated. Thanks & stay safe.

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I have a Wild Things Low Loft 1.0 from about 4 years ago, so not sure if/when any sizing has been updated.

My Large Wild Things jacket fits me snug - it is ok as a stand along jacket over a base layer, but over a uniform top or midlayer fleece it is too tight. I don't have any constriction in the arms, but the torso and shoulders is definitely on the smaller end of the range.

For reference, I am 6', 200. I wear a Large t-shirt in most sizes and also a Large in most commercial offerings from Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, etc. I wear a 42R suit. I'm a medium-regular in OCP/ACU uniforms (including issued, Crye, and Patagonia tops). 

It is a great jacket and one of my favorite pieces of cold weather gear. Hope it helps.


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