Hi all, I picked up a Christensen 308 AR upper and it has an integral 20 moa rail. I dont shoot at and suck at long range shooting.

Will the 20 moa rail put my scope adjustments too near the end of travel ?

Should I put the barrel into my existing 308 AR upper? It has a special barrel nut I dont have the wrench for but I am sure I can work around that.

The other issue is the C A  upper does not fit my existing 308 AR lower.


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What scope? The amount of travel/adjustment your scope has will be a major factor.  I have a Rem700 with a D.D.Ross 20 minute mount and with the scope I have on it (a Springfield Armory 6x24) when I zero’d jt at 100, I only had about 3 clicks before it was bottomed out.

A 30 mm scope usually has more adjustment than a 1”, and a 34mm has more yet.  (More room inside for things to move around.)

I am thinking I will try to transplant the barrel to the existing upper. 

I dont want to fumble around looking for lowers that fit this upper with a rail

that may not work for my uses. 

I emailed Christensen and they basically said " Dunno what may fit, no mil spec for 308ARs".

Maybe it's just me, but I'd keep the upper and just mate it to a new lower.

AR10s can be finicky as heck, and if I had one that worked just fine, I wouldn't play Frankenstein with it over a barrel.   You go from two known working uppers (assuming the CA is factory it should work just fine) to one maybe working rifle and a bunch of parts.  You also said you don't shoot at long range or are that big of a distance shooter - just things to consider.

I'd venture a guess that CA are probably built to DPMS spec so there are plenty of lowers out there to work with it.  What brand/spec is your current 308 AR?

Keep in mind, this is the opinion of one dude on the internet, so take it for what it's worth - just some thoughts for consideration.


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Thanks Knight. 

My current 308 AR is a S&W hunting version. I like that it is ambi, not that I need it but I like it. I think it is a reasonably accurate rifle.

I think I maybe dont have the patience for  long range precision shooting.  Perhaps a course would help that and getting good fundamentals.

Like Knight said. Find out what pattern they use for their upper, try to buy a lower with the same pattern.

While it does suck to not be able to slap it on a lower, AR10s are nowhere near as universal (parts wise) as 15s are.

20 moa should be fine for getting zeroed at 100. Closer than that you may have issues.

I wouldn't transfer the barrel, because then you're gonna have a whole heap of parts that will be even harder to put together, just IMHO.

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Your scope has 55 MOA of elevation so with a 20 MOA rail at mechanical zero you'll be able dial down 7.5 MOA and dial up 47.5 MOA.  A lot of scopes actually have more that their quoted elevation range.  You'll have no issues getting a 100 yard zero.  Leupold customer service can verify this also.

I am going to get the burris XTR ring so I can negate the integral MOA in this upper.  I will also try to find a lower that works with it.

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