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My wife just finished a wool hooded pull over for me. It is modeled after a canvas anorak that she also made for me. She started with a pattern for a hooded sweatshirt but made them both knee-length. Made from a mil-surp blanket from an unknown country. Heavy grey wool with a yellow border. Larger and heavier than a US army blanket.

The canvas one has been awesome and really holds in the heat. The wool one is yet untested.

My wife says that her only challenge was sewing such thick  material. Especially where the material had to be doubled over.

I can pass on any specific questions.


I came across a European website that had been making wool blankets into pullover/anorak style tops which got me thinking, hence the original post.  I have no experience in sewing and am wondering how hard is it.  LEOT would you ask your wife if it's something a newbie could do?  I was thinking of just buying the wool fabric and skipping hacking up blankets of unknown quality/wool content.  Thoughts..

There may be patterns out there that are designed to have the fewest number of seams, to make things simple. I don't know. 

I wouldn't spend the money on new wool material for your first try. Maybe start with cheaper material to gain experience. You may consider a  lining material for the hood for comfort. Lining the sleeves with a slick material will make the garment easier to don.

Are you planning to hand stitch or do you have a good machine.

I'll quiz my wife. Stand by.


If you can cut a sheet of paper and sew a bit, it's easy enough to make your own.   There are patterns available that make this a snap.  I am not sure what you are looking for in particular, but you might want to start by checking out capotes.  

I second the idea of using blankets.   Of course, you can always do like we do and raise the sheep, shear the wool, card the wool, make roving, spin it into thread, spin thread into yarn, knit the fabric, felt the fabric, then cut, sew and assemble.   Or you could just buy a fucking blanket.

Or, if the design is too much for you, here's someone making them:

Wool anoraks (for lack of a better term) are getting popular with the bushcraft crowd.  The only downside I see with something like this, is the inability to open up/unzip the pits.  To me, that would make them a very narrow/extreme weather garment.  Not just for you, but for everyone, here's some youtube videos including homemade varieties, on these types of garments:


Probably easiest.   You're going to come across blankets in a variety of weights and weaves, so you might want to try to handle one if you can.    I've gotten a few blankets from Major Surplus, but I used to live in CA and went to the store.   They had everything from light, soft blankets with wool types akin to lambswool to the heavier, thick but very durable Swiss Types.    I have a couple of these (Swiss) I bought 20 years ago and they've held up really well and that's what I made my capote from.   It's not a garment for a warm fall day, though.   And heavy.

The 80/20 should shrink a bit less, if washability is a concern.

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