It’s been a minute since I’ve done anything related to a gear review here, or on any other forum, but I got this WTF chest rig set up with an omni lite hanger bag, and I’m digging it…

FULL DISCLAIMER:  I’m just a regular dude that likes cool gear like everyone and have been a long time WTF strap user on everything that doesn’t have built in mounting solutions…the light weight, flexibility and simple elegance of the attaching system drove me to swap all other external mounting straps/clips a couple years back…and they’re still going hella strong.

Parts list that makes this thing up:

- Whiskey Two Four PIMPS harness 02

- Whiskey Two Four PIMPS waist strap 01

- Whiskey Two Four PIMPS Omni Light plate carrier bag

- Whiskey Two Four PIMPS accessory panel 01

First impressions:  I like it…all laser cut and clean, well finished edges.  The elastic mag/other pouches on the front are BFG ten speed like, but open at the bottom with re-enforcing tab of the back panel (330D?) wrapping up from the back and closing the bottom…

Along all edges are loops for attaching side release buckles for shoulder and waist straps…with three options on each side for waist strap height.

The back Velcro panel is pretty neat…this is where the height adjustment for the top buckles happens for raising/lowering the panel if you stick it to a PC (function tested on my JPC 2.0 and Aegis).  Like all of the other panel solutions out there, if you do the right thing when positioning straps and other accessories (a dangler), it feels super solid.

All of the straps are adjustable on the body, with the tails of each strap adjusting in the “right” way…as in, the waist strap pulls forward, the back straps pull down…like where your hands want to pull straps and stuff when you’re wearing it without contortion.  The front straps are a no running end adjustment like on Ops Core chinstrap or a Vickers' sling…pull up on the slider to make shorter, pull down to make longer…

The dangler is a big old bucket of an accessory pouch, opens to about 55%, so there’s room to get your hands in there, but doesn’t clamshell all the way open.  The inside is lined with day glow orange hook loop with a matching hook cover panel.  Any hook accessories of course fit in there and you can sandwich items between the panels as well.  I’ve got a BFG six loop panel in there holding a Thrym battery carrier, Leatherman and other small items as well as a complete IFAK in there.

If I had any issues with it, it would be with me just jamming pistol mags into one of the rifle mag pouches…jerk one out and there’s no retention of the other…but that’s me being cheap and lazy.  I checked on WTF website and they’ve got inserts to “modularize” (is that a word?) the mag pouches.  Any other items with clips (Surefire/Spyderco) seem to be stable and secure.

I’m going to take this out this weekend and spend a couple hours yanking mags out and jamming mags in and just generally beating it up for a while.  I’ll hold any conclusions until I beat on it…however, I think this is going to make a great stow and go/truck bag chest rig or a general purpose/”multi-tool” chest rig for range and class use…and if the road wear on these straps I’ve been using for several years now is any indicator, it’s going to be a good piece of kit that will go into rotation when I need a chest rig.

Cheers…thanks for lookin’…

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Super light...just the panel and straps weighs less than a regular triple mag pouch.  You can pick and choose components on the WTF website as well...as opposed to a complete chest rig, i.e., pick waist strap, different front panels, different shoulder straps, etc, etc...

" I want half of you over here, half of you over here and the other half of you over there..."

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